Film review: Call Me By Your Name *Maybe spoilers?*

I saw the trailer for this film as a YouTube advert and it caught my eye. I went to watch this on my own after running some errands. The cinema screen was completely empty except for me at first, but around 5 people ended up trickling in. I didn’t really know what to expect – except that it was a coming of age romance.

The Italian summer backdrop of this movie was beautiful. Perfect blue skies and vibrant peach trees. The music had an optimistic feel, a bit mischievous, what would this summer hold for these two people? I enjoyed the classical music, mixed in with other tracks such as the songs by Sufjan Stevens. This film features some great tunes including “Love My Way” by The Psychedelic Furs. That dance scene was joyous to watch.

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Taking Back Sunday @ O2 Ritz ~ 15th February 2017

I am really really bad at up-to-date reviews of things, but I still would like to share these experiences. I’d been a casual fan of Taking Back Sunday since hearing MakeDamnSure and My Blue Heaven from the great album, Louder Now (2006). O2 Ritz is one of my favourite venues in Manchester and I was super happy when Frank Iero and the Patience were announced as the support act (MCR being one of my favourite bands).

I got there before doors opened, but the wait wasn’t too bad. One of my concert rituals is to look at the merchandise because I know that the queues can get crazy after the show. All of the merch was so nice! I bought myself a nice Taking Back Sunday raglan. And I couldn’t help myself – so I also bought a very cute Frank Iero t-shirt featuring ghosts. I also enquired about the TBS vinyl, £30 and signed! I left it for the time being but then decided to go back and get it after the show.

Fun fact: I spotted the actress that plays Nancy in a British soap called Hollyoaks – too shy to say hi though ><. The balcony had already filled up all around so I was walking around like a weirdo for a bit trying to find a good spot. I finally stood behind a couple that were sat down on chairs. I had a head on view, great!

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Review: A Year at the Star and Sixpence

A Year at the Star and SixpenceA Year at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

1. This book definitely kept me hooked from the start. It had a great premise – two sisters receiving a pub from their estranged father. I loved how this book spanned all four seasons. Each section of the book would start with an invitation to a themed event at the pub (such a nice touch!).

2. The setting was wonderful. A rural village with a great community spirit and some real characters. I can definitely relate to Nessie as I can be a bit nervous sometimes and scared to take risks. Sam was the bubbly sister and throughout the book, the reader is trying to figure out why her secret was so bad! What happened was very unfair indeed!

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Turnover @ Sound Control ~ 27th September 2017

On the day of the concert the weather was horrible. It was raining so heavily, I decided to arrive after doors opened so I didn’t have to stand in the rain. Luckily there was only one person ahead of me in the queue when I got to the venue. I really like the merchandise stand at Sound Control because it’s in a convenient place – well,  before the show ends anyway haha. I bought a really cute baby pink Turnover t-shirt.


I made my way to the stage area and it was a bit awkward because I was alone again and there were loads of gaps between groups of people, so I didn’t know where best to stand. I got around 3 rows from the front and I was stood towards the right. It wasn’t that crowded when I got there – which was just before Emotional started playing. They had the vibe of Turnover. The band members had a very quirky dress sense. Then Palladino came on and they sounded very groovy and funky. Like Emotional, I could see why they were touring with Turnover. They got Austin from Turnover on stage to play guitar in a few of their songs, which was very cool.

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The Maine @ Club Academy ~ 16th September 2017


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I was a casual The Maine listener before this concert. I was undecided whether to buy tickets to this concert or not. But the announcement of Night Riots as support made me go and purchase my ticket. This was my first concert since March, so I was quite excited.

The day of the concert came around, I got to The University of Manchester’s student union for around 7pm – doors. However, there was still a massive queue outside. But the queue slowly and steadily filtered through the doors after bag and security checks. I’d never attended a concert at Club Academy before, so that was a new experience. It was a small little venue in the basement of the student union. It had a nice section for the merch table and quite a few seats at the back for people to sit with their drinks. I bought a tour t-shirt and then headed towards the stage.

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Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

The Bridget Jones movies are normally shown around Christmas time here in the UK, so it reminds me of that. There are some memorable moments that still make me chuckle., like the Daniel and Mark fight scenes. And moments that make me melt a bit – like the Mark Darcy’s confession of love. Bridget is such a wonderful and happy character and I’m always rooting for her!

In Bridget Jones’s Baby, I very much enjoyed the return of Mark Darcy. Love Colin Firth! And very much enjoyed the addition of Patrick Stewart as Jack. Nice to see the return of some of the old cast too! The friendship between Miranda and Bridget was so full of energy! Emma Thompson as the doctor was so funny when she made all those snarky comments.

Even though the way the situation was handled seemed a bit too good to be true – seeing how civil the two men in question were to each other, I didn’t care haha. There were so many hilarious moments in this film. There were also some more, touching moments.
What a lovely film. It made me feel so happy.


Review: To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I never read this book during school but I’ve always heard amazing things about it. I found this book for £1 in a charity shop and it looked like it had never been read!

Initially, I found this book quite hard to get into. I did not know what was going on. But as I read more, I got more into it. The setting of America in the 1930s is not something I’ve read much about but it was very well described. I could imagine how hot and dry it was. I did find it strange how Scout and Jem called their dad by his first name.

Some of the characters are so mean and their views are just wrong! Some of the things Mrs Dubose came out with! And also it annoyed me when Scout got scolded by her teacher for being literate – what! Oooo and the Ewells, what a horrible bunch!

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