The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella Book Review

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella ★★★


I thought this was one of those nice, fun reads. Quite enjoyed it but I prefer Sophie’s other works more.

1. Can’t really say I related to Rebecca’s character and her shopping habits but I definately did warm to her as a character. She’s just a bit out of control when it comes to shopping. haha.
2. Rebecca managed to get herself into some very awkward situations e.g. Finnish.
3. Most of Becky’s reactions are over the top and funny at times. Especially when she finds out Tarquin is a millionaire haha.
4. I wasn’t so sure about Luke Brandon at first – quite a bit different to the film version, played by Hugh Dancy who I loved in the film ^^.
But after certain events, he became cool, honest and sweet.
5. I watched the film first, and the two differ quite a lot. But I have to say I enjoyed both!
6. I really want to read the next installment to see what happens. I do hope Becky learns to stop getting herself into so much trouble with her finances.


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