The Girl Who Played With Fire – Steig Larsson Book Review


The Girl Who Played With Fire – Steig Larsson ★★★

A really gripping story with many revelations and a huge climax!

1. This book includes some vile characters including Nils Erik Bjurman and Faste. The way they talk about Salander is horrible. Can’t believe how full of hatred some of the characters were, they were intent on bringing Salander down.

2. What happened to the journalist and his girlfriend came as a bit of shock as I didn’t pay much attention to the synopsis beforehand.

3. The way the police jump to conclusions about Salander was very worrying.

4. The scene with Paolo, Miriam and the Giant was so intense!

5. I really love Palmgrem and I’m so glad that he’s on the way to recovery.

6. We got to learn so much about Salander’s background in this book. What we find out about her family is quite shocking.

7. Blomkvist is a true friend to Salander and makes quite a good detective.

8. I definately agree with everyone who said that the ending was fast paced. It certainly was! A bit violent, bloody and gory. Many revelations come to light. It was so sad when Salander felt that she didn’t care anymore and closed her eyes thinking that she wouldn’t wake up. SUCH a good ending. So I went out and got myself a copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.


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