Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe? – Hazel Osmond Book Review


Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe? – Hazel Osmond ★★★

A book that starts off funny and light hearted, but then takes you on a wonderful journey in the lives of Ellie and Jack.

1. The start was so funny. Ellie made hilarious observations of her work colleagues. Including posh Hugo and the incident about how his father “shot orf” the dog’s tail.

2. Lesley was a great character, a good friend to Ellie and she had many unique quirks.

3. Ellie was a fantastic female lead! She was kind, funny and caring.

4. Jack was a handsome, serious boss who definately changed a lot throughout the book. He was what you would describe as a bit hot and cold.

5. Edith and Ellie made a great team! Edith was such a wise and loving great-aunt to Ellie.

6. There were many moments in this book where the characters judged the situation completely wrong – but that just made me want to read on to find out what would happen.

7. This book is not just light and fluffy, it took a serious turn. And there were a few very sad moments.

8. The book couldn’t have ended in a better way. Left me so happy and even a bit teary.

9. Really beautiful cover, love the purple colours.



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