Linger – Maggie Stiefvater Book Review


Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater ★★★★★

Great sequel which introduces brilliant new characters and we get to continue on the journey of Sam and Grace. I think this book had a bigger cliffhanger than the first one!

The beginning of the book was filled with optimism, Sam is human and loved it when he has these moments of joy when he realised he has a future. Sam and Grace’s relationship is so strong in this book. We soon find out that something very dodgy is going on with Grace and it is a recurring theme throughout.

The first meeting between the new wolf Cole and Isabel got off to an intense start. Cole was a bit big headed and unlikeable sometimes but when his real emotions showed, you felt sorry for him. He is a really complicated guy. He played a big role towards the end of the book, the way he stood up for Sam was so kind. Isabel was as fiesty as in Shiver, very blunt at times with her remarks. I enjoyed the interaction between Isabel and Cole, I would love to see it develop into a relationship – they would be great together! The scene at Kenny’s where Cole has blood under his nail and Isabels cuts it for him – I thought that was such a kind gesture(Coming from Isabel).

Linger was full of beautiful quotes from poems and song lyrics like in the first book. Also, the parents in this book are absolute idiots. The Brisbane’s (Grace’s parents) were very irritating and they LOVED to get in the way Sam and Grace’s relationship.They made me so angry in the one of the last scenes at the hospital. However, Tom Culpeper (Isabel’s dad) was on another level! I’m in complete agreement with Cole who said “Tom Culpeper is a prick.”

The ending was very heartwrenching. I’m glad that Sam, Cole and Isabel came together to find a solution. Those ending lines!. Wow. Started on the last book in the series, “Forever” straight away.



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