Forever – Maggie Stiefvater Book Review


Forever – Maggie Stiefvater ★★★★★

Wow, I think I’m still recovering from that ending. It was so emotional and heartbreaking. Tears actually made an appearance…

I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Sam, Grace, Cole and Isabel. It warmed my heart seeing Cole and Sam bonding over the guitar. It was a great feeling watching Sam face up to his fears. Cole was brilliant, so intelligent and funny. Grace was strong as she came to terms with changing into a wolf. We also got to see the part of Isabel which had emotions and true feelings.

There were many powerful scenes:
-Isabel breaking down because of Sam’s “Honest, broken text”. I truly felt for her.

-The part where Isabel acknowledged that Sam, Cole and Grace were her real, true friends.

-Sam always trying his best to be a good person. I loved this quote about Grace’s parents…”I’d had so little and they’d taken it away from me”. 😥

-The scene where Sam and Grace chase the Aurora Borealis. The descriptions made it seem so peaceful and beautiful.

Some of the other characters affected the story a lot. Koenig the policeman turns out to be an unexpected ally for Sam, I was really relieved about that. Shelby on the other hand was one of the most despicable characters ever! She was definitely scary as a child. Why does she have to ruin everything! As a wolf she was so violent, selfish and horrible.

When the book started reaching it’s huge climax, I couldn’t stop reading. Everything happened so fast, the plan was put into motion straight away. It was nerve wracking and intense. Some devastating events occur and you just hope that things will turn out alright for the characters you have come to love.

The book was filled with so many beautiful lyrics, poems and quotes. The ending lines were a bit abrupt and they left me desperately wanting to know more. It’s so sad to have come to end of this series. It has become one of my favourites.


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