Sam Smith @ Albert Hall ~ October 30th 2014


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I discovered Sam Smith when Disclosure’s single “Latch” came out. I love that song. He then released his “Nirvana -EP” and all the songs on there were brilliant especially the title track. I tried to get tickets to the Wednesday gig but they had already sold out. I was so happy when he announced a second Manchester date. Me, my sister and a friend went and my friend wanted to queue up so we had a 4 hour wait. :O There were only about 10 people in front of us in the queue. Sam popped out once and some lucky fans got pictures and autographs.

I’ve never been to Albert Hall before this concert, but it’s such a pretty place on the inside! The stage was quite elevated so that was great. Because we’d queued so early we were able to stand at the barrier and the view was amazing!!

The support act were called Year & Years. Some of their songs were great, especially a song called “Real“. I loved the drum beats on that track. (22/1/2015 Edit: straight after the show my sister bought tickets to see them, and now recently they’ve become so big!)

Sam Smith started with Nirvana which is one of my favourite songs of his. His voice is perfect live, he sings so beautifully. He kept on smiling when there were cheers from the crowd. When he looked down an made eye contact it was amazing but also a bit awkward haha. Do I just keep staring at him? >< His band were amazing too! The bearded guitarists were getting a groove on. The pianist, cellist and drummer were brilliant – so good live! A great moment was when the backing vocalists got up and danced with Sam Smith during “Restart” – very cool.

Another beautiful moment was after Sam had sang “Latch“. Everyone was clapping, cheering and applauding. He just looked around, smiling, and said thank you a lot of times.


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