Gerard Way @ The Ritz ~ November 5th 2014

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Really really late update, university just got on top of me -_-. Onto the post…

When I fell back in love with MCR this summer, I never thought I would actually end up meeting Gerard Way by the end of the year. I don’t really remember when I became a fan but it has been many many years. I think the first song I heard was “Helena“, and then the first album I bought was “The Black Parade”.

The actually concert didn’t go so well to begin with. Queuing outside in the cold for about 3 hours, even so I was near the back haha. When we eventually got in, it got quite bad. I’m not tall and it’s quite annoying when other people are practically dancing on top of you – even before the show started. We gave up standing on the floor and had to force ourselves out to stand on the balcony. The view was quite good up there, but it was already packed. Had to peek through peoples heads and shoulders.

The support act were Dahlia, they came and rocked out. Not really my type of music though.

Gerard was amazing! So much energy! He sang most of the songs from “Hesitant Alien”. I LOVE all of them. Some of my favourites were Action Cat, Millions, Maya the Psychic, Drug Store Perfume, No Shows, Brother.

He also played songs that I’d never heard before like “Television All The Time“. And a slow, beautiful song that really showcased his voice – still not really sure what the name is. But I posted this video πŸ™‚ lovely, really dreamy. I also loved the intervals where he spoke.

The queue for merchandise was massive! They had 1 person serving. So clever. We were still in the queue when we heard massive screams. Gerard had come to the barrier. We thought we didn’t have a chance as there was a huge sea of people. But this was my lucky day!!! The security allowed us to queue up in single file and Gerard signed things one by one. I’m so appreciative of that. What a guy! He kept moving up and down the queue.

When he reached me I had no idea what to say. So I just said “Hi Gerard” and he said “Hi”. And I just said “Please could you sign my ticket?” He said “Yes, sure”. Then I said “Thank you so much!” He passed the ticket back to me and then I thought he was going to go to the next person but then he asked me if I wanted a hug – whattttt! (Well he did this to everyone really haha). I think I melted.

Amazing amazing day. Good way to spend Bonfire Night ;P

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