5 Seconds of Summer @ Manchester Arena ~ 9th June 2015


I waited so long for this concert ><. Me, my sister and a best friend made an event out of buying tickets – which went on sale a year in advance of the concert. We were hoping to buy pre-sale tickets, which we did end up getting after much stress. At first the website said the server had reached full capacity, so we weren’t able to get on the site! We finally did, but standing had already sold out. We’d never been to Manchester Arena before so we had no idea what the seating layout would be. So we ended up debating about which choice of seating was the best. Fortunately when the day came, the tickets we bought gave us quite good views, even though we were quite high up.


1 year later

The day of the concert was very exciting. It was my first time in Manchester Arena and first time seeing one of my newest favourite bands – 5 Seconds of Summer. Me and my sister got and our two childhood best friends got a lift off their mum. We drove past the venue around 6pm, there was a big queue building up around one entrance. So we decided to take a trip to the supermarket first to avoid queueing for a long time. When we came back there were still quite a lot of people entering the arena. The security were really nice at this venue, very jolly whilst scanning our tickets.

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Young Guns @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 5th June 2015

I was quite excited for tonight. Originally, I wasn’t that bothered about going, but I saw the setlist and 5K review in Kerrang! magazine. So I decided to buy tickets and invited one of my best friends along – who didn’t really know the band that much. I’m a student at The University of Manchester so the venue was quite familiar to me. I have exams in Manchester Academy -_-. I’ve previously attended concerts in Manchester Academy 1 and 3, but never 2. Me and my friend didn’t arrive that early, the tickets said doors open at 7pm, but they didn’t until 7.30pm. So we had to wait a bit.

Once inside the venue, I was quite surprised, it was small-ish but a nice looking venue. There were two support acts – ‘Dead!’ and ‘Nothing But Thieves’. ‘Dead!’ were new to me, but I was really, really looking forward to ‘Nothing But Thieves’. I’d heard of NBT one year ago on the Greg James show on Radio 1 and the first song I heard by them was ‘Graveyard Whistling‘. And they’ve had quite a bit of airplay with ‘Itch‘ and ‘Ban All the Music‘ – both songs I love!

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