Young Guns @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 5th June 2015

I was quite excited for tonight. Originally, I wasn’t that bothered about going, but I saw the setlist and 5K review in Kerrang! magazine. So I decided to buy tickets and invited one of my best friends along – who didn’t really know the band that much. I’m a student at The University of Manchester so the venue was quite familiar to me. I have exams in Manchester Academy -_-. I’ve previously attended concerts in Manchester Academy 1 and 3, but never 2. Me and my friend didn’t arrive that early, the tickets said doors open at 7pm, but they didn’t until 7.30pm. So we had to wait a bit.

Once inside the venue, I was quite surprised, it was small-ish but a nice looking venue. There were two support acts – ‘Dead!’ and ‘Nothing But Thieves’. ‘Dead!’ were new to me, but I was really, really looking forward to ‘Nothing But Thieves’. I’d heard of NBT one year ago on the Greg James show on Radio 1 and the first song I heard by them was ‘Graveyard Whistling‘. And they’ve had quite a bit of airplay with ‘Itch‘ and ‘Ban All the Music‘ – both songs I love!

 The first band on stage was Dead!, think I must have picked the wrong place to stand, right in front of the speakers. All I could hear was the drums and guitar, couldn’t hear the vocalist. But on some songs I could hear the melodies and the vocals, and I really enjoyed them! Really loud, energetic and a lot of swearing haha. 

Second band was Nothing But Thieves, they came on with the first song ‘Itch‘ – which is epic!! Conor’s vocals on that song are amazing, and it was a great experience to see the song performed live! The band played a few songs I wasn’t familiar with like ‘Hostage‘, ‘Trip Switch‘ (great opening lines AGAIN! – very groovy), ‘Excuse Me‘ and ‘If I Get High‘. Definitely will be purchasing the album when it comes out. I fell in love with one of their songs I’d never heard of before, ‘Wake Up Call‘. The opening of that song, with the drums and the catchy guitar is so good! I just love Conor’s vocals in the chorus. They ended with ‘Ban All the Music‘, very catchy opening guitar riff and an infectious song. 
The main act was Young Guns. They had a bit of a space theme going on, ties in with the cover to their new album Ones and Zeros. They burst onto the stage with ‘I Want Out‘. Very anthemic! They played lots of songs from their previous albums,’Bones’ and ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’. ‘Dearly Departed‘, ‘You Are Not‘, ‘Bones‘ – being some of my all time favourites.

They performed ‘Stitches‘ which I’d never heard before – but it quickly became one of my favourites! I just love the beating drums and the amazing guitars in this. I love that guitar solo. I also love the way Gustav sings this song, the higher notes, pause, before the chorus crashes in. When I got home I watched the video on Youtube (which has so little views!). It’s shot in black and white, very artistic. Gustav looks beautiful! Powerful when he beats his chest. His eyes really stand out. The glimpses of the rest of the band was appreciated as well :P. Another favourite was ‘After the War‘, I was stood on Fraser’s side and when he played he would bounce forward and back whilst playing his guitar. I love the bit where the lyrics go ‘when all is said and done…‘.

They performed songs off their new album, I should have done more research and listened the songs they put on Youtube before the concert. ‘Rising Up‘ was a cool song, that got everyone fist pumping. ‘Daylight‘ was a great song. ‘Speaking in Tongues‘ got people jumping. I think is is one of the more energetic shows I’ve been too. Gustav actually asked people to crowd surf, I was stood to the right side so I was ok, and people were getting rowdy in the middle. It was a little bit scary, didn’t want to get injured by having someone sit on my head!

Gustav did stop to talk quite a bit about being away for a long time (which they were!) and thanking fans. (plus there was a lot of swearing). Overall it was a great show and it got me pumped up for future concerts. (The next one being 5 Seconds of Summer ^^).

After the show I went to queue up for merch, which took ages as there always seems to be only one person serving. I bought a Young Guns tour t-shirt and a Nothing But Thieves one too. I think all the band members of Dead! were at their merch stand and Conor was at his. There were crowds around them but eventually they dwindled down (I was still in the queue). I really love Nothing But Thieves so me and my friend approached Conor to say Hi and that I loved his band’s music. I asked him for a picture and for him to sign our tickets. He was so cute! He offered to take the group selfie, so nice! I said ‘Thank you so much’ and he was just like ‘No problem’. I was quite starstruck, didn’t know what else to say.

Overall, a great night! My signed edition of Ones and Zeros arrived a couple days after, I listened to it straight away and fell in love with it. I know some reviews haven’t been that positive, but I really enjoyed listening to it. ‘Rising Up‘ makes me want to head bang. ‘Infinity‘ and ‘Daylight‘ sound very optimistic and uplifting. ‘Memento Mori‘ is very groovy. And the singles released, ‘I Want Out‘ and ‘Speaking in Tongues‘ and ‘I Want Out‘ are catchy and energetic. ‘Lullaby‘ is a really beautiful song, Gustav sounds amazing here.

I’ve made a montage of a couple of clips from the night:


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