5 Seconds of Summer @ Manchester Arena ~ 9th June 2015


I waited so long for this concert ><. Me, my sister and a best friend made an event out of buying tickets – which went on sale a year in advance of the concert. We were hoping to buy pre-sale tickets, which we did end up getting after much stress. At first the website said the server had reached full capacity, so we weren’t able to get on the site! We finally did, but standing had already sold out. We’d never been to Manchester Arena before so we had no idea what the seating layout would be. So we ended up debating about which choice of seating was the best. Fortunately when the day came, the tickets we bought gave us quite good views, even though we were quite high up.


1 year later

The day of the concert was very exciting. It was my first time in Manchester Arena and first time seeing one of my newest favourite bands – 5 Seconds of Summer. Me and my sister got and our two childhood best friends got a lift off their mum. We drove past the venue around 6pm, there was a big queue building up around one entrance. So we decided to take a trip to the supermarket first to avoid queueing for a long time. When we came back there were still quite a lot of people entering the arena. The security were really nice at this venue, very jolly whilst scanning our tickets.

We entered the venue, first impression were that it was super busy. Many people selling merchandise and snacks. I bought a programme which had a nice picture of some sock-covered feet. We then made our way to the main merch stand, there was quite a big selection. I bought two tour t-shirts with different designs. Very cute designs!


After we bought our merch we headed to our seats, our tickets were checked again and we were shown where our seats were. Great atmosphere inside! There were music videos playing on the screens and we could see the stage and the ROWYSO logo in the lightning bolts. The support act “Hey Violet” came on first, they were alright. They looked surprisingly young! However I searched them when I got home and discovered most of them were around my age. They had a few catchy songs and they did a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space‘.

Wooo. Moment I have been waiting for, at 8:30pm I think? 5SOS came on. Lights went off, the screaming commenced. First we heard the guitars, then Ashton on the drums. There were cool light effects and then the boys appeared in a row and did the pose!


They started with ‘End Up Here‘, a really happy song. Makes you want to jump. Then they went into ‘Out of my Limit’ – such a catchy song! After they went straight into ‘Heartbreak Girl’, one of my favourites. Love the guitars in this one, crowd was singing along.



Then they interacted with the crowd, Mikey sung a tune and the crowd on his side (my side :)) had to echo it. And then Luke was in charge of the middle, and Calum of the right. Ash had to keep the beat and rhythm throughout. The the boys came in with one of their new songs, ‘Permanent Vacation‘.

DSC00283 DSC00325

They performed one of their singles, ‘Don’t Stop‘. Such a cheerful tune! I love ‘Disconnected‘, a summery tune. I loved how they ran around stage and swapped sides. For ‘Long Way Home‘, Luke walked into the middle and started the chorus, it was a nice touch. Before walking back and joining the rest of the band.

Another highlight was ‘Rejects‘, Ash introduced the song. I loved how they all started in the middle with their guitars before jumping around. It was great, so energetic! Also during the song they picked a lucky fan to go on stage with them and play the guitar. ‘Heartache on the Big Screen‘ was another catchy, addictive tune.

DSC00290 DSC00332

There was a bit of a break, the displays on the screens behind them was really pretty. Things slowed down a little bit when they performed ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger‘. During ‘Amnesia‘, the whole arena was so beautiful with everyone holding lights up.Β I love ‘Beside You‘, and in the live versions, you can really hear Cal’s bass. Next came ‘Everything I didn’t Say‘. This song was was when Calum took to the centre of the stage and played the bass of the opening lines, a beautiful moment. The chorus on ‘Everything I Didn’t Say‘ is a powerful one.


Then they played a cover of Green Day’s, ‘American Idiot‘. This sped the atmosphere up once again, great effects on the big screens. Last song before the encore was a 5SOS classic, ‘She Looks so Perfect‘. I LOVE how Luke sings this live, and my favourite part is the synchronised jump that they do! It feels sooo amazing to have been able to see them live!

After a little break, 5SOS came back on and played ‘Good Girls‘. A really fun song, however Luke didn’t shout one of my favourite lines ‘She’s not reading books!‘ haha. Bit sad about that. They ended on ‘What I Like About You‘, a cover which suits the band very much. After, Ash came down from his podium and ran to join Luke, Mikey and Cal at the middle of the stage and they took a selfie which was very cute! They then threw guitar picks and Ash threw his drumsticks into the audience, they even threw down their bottles of water. And after a wave they were gone. Very sad times.

DSC00308 DSC00278

Overall, a really energetic show. They were funny and I loved the interactions they had with the crowd. Great music, really enjoyed seeing them rock out. They are so talented, sing brilliantly live, put on an amazing show. Until next time!!

Cannot wait till their next album, I really hope that I do get to watch them in concert again.

New single, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ recently came out and I’m addicted!


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