One Direction @ Manchester Arena ~ 4th October 2015

Didn’t know what to expect when my friend invited me along to a One Direction concert. I did enjoy many songs by them but I’d never heard their album ‘Four’ before in full. I was quite excited, I knew that this was one of their last tours before their extended hiatus.


We got to the venue before doors opened so we had a little wait outside, we were one of the first in so we went to buy merchandise. I bought a programme and a t-shirt. Then we went to our seats which were very good, we were on the floor, just to the right of the runway. I noticed how HD the big screens were at the front. We were treated to music videos from 5sos, McBusted and Olly Murs.


The support act was Jamie Lawson who told us he was the first artist signed to Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbread Man Records. His songs were nice and acoustic. But I don’t think I will become that big of a fan. He’s had a big hit lately though with ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That‘, which is great to see.

After a little break, One Direction came on to massive screams and opened with the song ‘Clouds‘, which has become one of my favourites from ‘Four’!


They performed some old songs but most of them were quite new to me and I was introduced to many great songs from their album ‘Four’, such as ‘No Control‘ and ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘. They also performed one of my favourite songs by them, ‘Little Black Dress‘.


I thought the view I had was great! Harry was a bit hyper, dancing and whipping his hair and blowing kisses. The rest of the boys were also lively. They interacted well with the crowd – although I could do without them telling the crowd to scream as loud as they can so many times! haha.



There was a funny moment when they read out signs and asked whose birthday it was. Harry tried to ask the girl but he couldn’t hear the answer through the roaring crowd, he kept telling people to shut up but nobody listened. He just ended up going through loads of names, Katy? Amy? Lesley? Gave up and said, ‘I’m just to call you Trevor’. Then the girls next to her thought a good idea to write the name on a phone and show the big screen. Really funny!


Another moment was when one of the mums got up on the chairs dancing, even the daughter telling her mum to get down. She ended up falling off the chair and receiving a scolding off her daughter, how embarrassing. ><.

The night ended on a high with one of their newer songs ‘Drag Me Down‘. They said their thanks and left the stage.


Overall, it was a great experience. One Direction put on a fun show, nice to sing along to some of their older ones. I really do hope they do come back as a band and perform again. 🙂


Author: annagoestoconcerts

Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

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