Act Like It – Lucy Parker Book Review



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Act Like It – Lucy Parker ★★★★★

This book was one of my last reads before the going into the new year and I have to say it was one of the best!

Having recently attended a couple of theatre shows and musicals, I was so glad to stumble on this book, which was one of the new released featured on the Goodreads chick lit genre page. The theatrical world seems really fun and glamourous. I enjoyed the how modern this book was and how it focused on West End stage actors.

I fell in love with the characters as the story went on. Lainie and Richard are so feisty. I really enjoyed their bickering which was so funny at times. Even though they weren’t fond of eachother in the beginning, they grew closer and they worked. Their interaction with one another was sometimes very intense, so much chemistry between them! Seeing them slowly fall in love was so heartwarming, I kept wanting to read on and on, which I did, ended up sleeping at 7am. -_-.

There were some really touching scenes. One of those was when Richard showed how kind he was when meeting Lainie’s family for the first time, made an effort and entertained the children at the party. And also a scene towards the end where he put his rivalry against Lanie’s annoying ex behind him in order to carry out a good deed. Will was such an annoying character haha, which he was supposed to be.

Edit: I read this book quite a while ago, so my memory of it isn’t that good anymore, but I thought towards the end where everything was going wrong, I thought there might have been a little bit of an overreaction from some of the characters. They could have just talked about the situation and saved themselves from a few days of heartbreak!

Overall though, a brilliant read! I love a good romance story. Really enjoyed reading about the two mains and in a setting that was quite unique for me.


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