Jamie Woon @ Gorilla ~ 3rd March 2016

It was a busy day for me, I had to give a presentation about tuberculosis at 9am for one of my uni modules and then I spent the day in labs doing my final year project. I finished at 6pm and got the bus down to Gorilla.

I was maybe a bit eager haha. Doors opened at 6:30pm – I got there around 6:30pm. There was 2 girls in front of me. And a guy in front as well. I bought my ticket via DICE, so I got my e-ticket scanned via the app and  I got my hand stamped. I picked a spot quite close to the front and to the right. I waited for ages, on my own as I’d come alone. The wait felt sooo long.


The crowd trickled in very slowly. Then in got a bit louder closer to 7:30pm. The support act was Jordan Rakei and it was just him and an electric guitar. He had a good voice, good rhythm and you could tell he was feeling the music.

After Jordan left the stage, there was a 30 minute wait….Then Jamie and his band came on to the pulsing beats and groove of ‘Movement‘ from Jamie’s new album. His band included drums, keys and bass.


I will never get tired of live music, I just love how you can feel the drums and the music through your body. And paired with Jamie’s smooth soulful vocals it was magical!  He sang songs from ‘Making Time’ and ‘Mirrorwriting’. I was more familiar with Jamie’s debut – ‘Mirrorwriting’ as I only opened his new album a few days before the gig.

He sang ‘Night Air‘, one of his more well known songs, which got the crowd cheering. Jamie’s voice sounds just like on record. He mainly played the acoustic guitar. He had two amazing backing singers. And as others have said the whole band and Jamie are so in sync with each other. He played one of his new songs ‘Forgiven‘, I really enjoyed this one, love the bit where he sings ‘Forgiven….‘ then pauses and then the music kicks in.


Jamie performed ‘Spiral‘ which is one of my favourites from ‘Mirrorwriting’. He did an even more slowed down version than the CD version and there was a cool instrumental section. He sang ‘Blue Truth‘ which I’d never heard before! I searched it when I got home and now I’m addicted it’s so dark and groovy. He also did a cover of Aaliyah’s, ‘Try Again‘ which I’d never heard of at the time but that also got the crowd going.


There was a cute moment when he forgot the opening lines for ‘Skin‘ and he stopped, said ‘Hang on, what’s the first line again?’ and had to start again. ‘Skin‘ is a beautiful song which needed a bit of quiet from the crowd so you could hear the tapping on the guitar.

Dedication‘ is a song that showcases Jamie’s smooth vocals and the music and lyrics remind me of the night.  ‘Celebration‘ is a collaboration with Willy Mason so the backing singers took over some of the vocals and they were great. This song was quite a happy one, and Jamie and the band did an extended instrumental section with lots of smiles.


Jamie’s last song before the encore was ‘Sharpness‘. The comeback song. Such a feel good song, very groovy. The different sections of the song, the funky guitar and drums and the backing vocals are so amazing together!!


For the encore, Jamie came back on minus his jacket and sang ‘Shoulda‘ solo without the band. So good, just him and his guitar. Then his band came back on and they launched into a happier song, ‘Thunder’, a track from the new album. I love this one! So many layers to the song and I love the part where they sing ‘woah, woah‘ and the raising of the hands that goes with it.


Then he ended with a slightly different version of ‘Lady Luck‘. Such a triumphant ending! I really hope it’s not a 4 year wait before Jamie comes back to Manchester! ^^

This gig finished quite early, I bought a t-shirt and then made my way back home smiling – even though the weather was atrocious! I got home, already excited about my next concert which was Sleeping with Sirens the next day. 🙂 What a busy week!
Snippets of the gig ->




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