Sleeping With Sirens @ O2 Apollo Manchester ~ 4th March 2016

February and March have been very busy months for me in terms of going to concerts. Today it was time for my first Sleeping With Sirens concert. In Manchester, there was heavy snow, which is quite strange in March :O. I spent the day doing lab work again, finishing at 6pm. I then got the bus down to the venue.

Doors opened quite early because there were three support acts performing, two of which I was quite familiar with. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert with three support acts before. I’ve heard a couple of songs by As It Is and I’d read about them in Kerrang and Rocksound. And I absolutely love This Wild Life and was so happy when it was announced that there were supporting SWS.




Beach Weather were the first support act up, I’d never heard of them before but was really impressed with them – I thought their songs sounded so good live. Two songs really stood out to me. They were ‘Wolf‘ and ‘Swoon‘. I loved the drums, claps and happy feelings in ‘Wolf‘. ‘Swoon‘, was a cool one, they called it their ‘sexy’ song, really nice guitars in this one, quite groovy. I couldn’t stop watching Reeve, haha the way he strolled across the stage – quite captivating.




History‘ was the first song I heard by This Wild Life, randomly thanks to Spotify. I love it so much. The plucking of the guitar sounds so good.’Sleepwalking‘ was such an amazing cover of the Bring Me The Horizon song. Although…Kevin introduced the song as ‘Hotline Bling’ haha. The crowd was pleased with this one. The guitar in ‘Sleepwalking‘ is awesome, love the sound. ‘No More Bad Days‘ was a touching song that Kevin dedicated to his mother. This song has such a beautiful chorus. I thought ‘Puppy Love‘ was a very cute song, I was very impressed with Kevin’s live whistling, it made the song sound very cheerful.



As I was seated for this concert, I had no idea what was going on in the standing area during As It Is’s set. There was a lot of commotion and girls kept being carried over the barrier and out of the venue. Patty commented on this, telling the crowd to look after each other.

This set was so energetic, I’ve never seen anyone swing a mic around like Patty, quite scared for the rest of the band haha. Lots of jumping around and head banging from Patty and the rest of the band. Sometimes I couldn’t really hear Patty’s vocals. Ben looked quite beautiful.:3
Gabe, Jack and Alex (Justin’s tour replacement) came on first and did a solo instrumental which was very cool. Then Kellin came on to screams. All of the band were so energetic from the start. They kicked off with ‘Don’t Say Anything‘. It’s a great song, I love all the different parts of the song. At one point Kellin dropped flat to the ground on his back and then got back up again, very random haha.
Kick Me‘ is a very loud and energetic song! I realised I hadn’t really been to a concert where screaming has been involved. Not bad, not bad. 🙂 Lots of very high jumps from Kellin.’We Like It Loud‘ is another loud and fast song, which meant that sometimes Kellin sounded out of breath and sometimes couldn’t be heard.

Go Go Go‘ is of my favourites from the album, ‘Madness’, I really like the video and this song makes me feel happy. ‘Better Off Dead‘ is another one of my favourites, the chorus sounds so good! During ‘Parasites‘, I was kind of blinded by the red lights and the flashing lights haha. ‘Congratulations‘ is a funky song, very nice guitar and bass. ‘Left Alone‘ is a song with a soaring chorus that sounds so good! Really enjoy the drums in this song. ‘Gold‘ is a feel good song, it sounds very happy, great drumming!


Kellin did a little speech before ‘The Strays‘, saying this song goes out to everyone in the room, and that it is about being happy. I really really enjoyed this song live, especially the bit that goes, ‘We are, *drums* the strays‘. Again the drums were strong in this song! I felt Kellin sang this well.

Things slowed down a bit for ‘Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear’. This song is one of my absolute favourites, it was just Kellin and Nick on guitar. Lots of feeling, lots of different sections. Just amazing and Kellin sounded great! I keep saying all the songs are my favourite haha. But I really do enjoy ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn‘, another song with many sections. Love the way this song is sung. I like the screaming part and the chorus is very powerful! They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need.’ To close the song, Kellin did some very nice vocal tricks without any of the band playing, then the band waved, bowed, the stage went dark and they left the stage.


Sleeping with Sirens came back for the encore and kicked off with a very energetic, ‘Do It Now, Remember It Later‘.They then performed ‘Satellites‘, which sounds very optimistic, one that sounds happy. Again, I love how this song is sung. They ended the night with one of their most popular songs and one that got me into Sleeping With Sirens, ‘If You Can’t Hang‘. It’s got really catchy chorus, the crowd was singing along so loudly to this song. They did the thing again where Kellin sings on his own then the band kick in dramatically. During one choruses, Kellin kind of conducted the crowd using his hands. Kellin ended on another of his vocal tricks and the band did a dramatic closer.


Some things to comment on were the lighting, don’t know if it was because I was seated in the circle, but sometimes the lighting was very dark and I couldn’t see the band that clearly. And also, I couldn’t really hear what Kellin was singing in a few songs?

But I did really enjoy this concert and I’m so glad I managed to catch all the support acts, I discovered a brilliant band in Beach Weather. I’m loving This Wild Life and feel so lucky that I got to see them live. As It Is were great. Sleeping With Sirens did a good job, my excitement at seeing them never really wavered throughout the concert. Gabe on the drums, Nick and Jack on guitar and Alex on bass were fantastic!

Check out my montage of the show 🙂


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