Nothing But Thieves @ Manchester Academy 3 ~ 22nd October 2015

This is a long overdue review, they’ve just been stacking up because I’m so lazy. -_-.

I was so nervous for this gig since I was going alone and it was the first gig where I just bought myself a ticket because I knew no-one else knew the band and I just had to see them! I’m so glad I took this step because since this gig, if I want to see a band and no-one wants to come, that’s fine, I’m fine with going alone. 🙂

I was quite stressed out on the day of the concert as well. I had some online tests to complete for my ‘Human Reproductive Biology’ module. Nice ><. Then I had to pack because I was going to a camp the day after.

I’m a big fan of Nothing But Thieves, I’ve followed them ever since Greg James played ‘Graveyard Whistling‘ on BBC Radio 1 and told their airport story.

I tried to time it so I didn’t have to wait in the queue awkwardly, but as it always goes, if I want to be late on purpose, I’m early. If I want to be early I’m nearly always late -_-. It turned out there were concerts going on it Academy 1 , 2 and 3. ‘The Editors’ were performing in Academy 1 and some type of rock group in 2. When I got outside the Student Union, I heard the security shouting anybody for Academy 3 can go in.

One thing that is quite silly about Manchester Academy 3 is that the merch stand is on the stairs. I bought a t-shirt and all was good. 🙂 I then went through the doors where my  ticket was ripped. I didn’t really recognise the venue from when I last came here to see Room 94 haha. I found a nice spot to the left side, about 3 rows from the front. There wasn’t that many people here at the moment. A lone guy came and stood next to me and then a lone girl also came. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one alone.


Witterquick came on, they had some good songs, the singer kept tried to get some crowd interaction going on but the response was a bit quiet as there weren’t that many people yet. They sang a cover of ‘Wrecking Ball‘ and their single ‘Soldiers‘ was good. Afterwards Pretty Vicious came on, they were louddddd. My ears were literally getting blasted. Not really what I listen to but some songs were good. (They’ve been getting quite big lately). The singer really reminded of Mac’s step-son from CSI:NY, Reed, played by Kyle Gallner. haha.


After another bit of a wait, NBT came on to the beats of the opening of ‘Excuse Me‘. wow! When Conor hits those high notes. Then in ‘Itch‘, I love the slow, brooding build-up followed by Conor’s soaring vocals and the powerful guitars. Just amazing. One song I hadn’t heard before the concert was ‘Honey Whiskey‘, it’s since become one of my favourite songs by NBT. The drums and the the plucking of the guitar/bass is so catchy and I love the way the chorus is sung.


Graveyard Whistling‘ the first song I heard by NBT, very calming song, with a great chorus. Sounds so nice. Then things got emotional with ‘If I Get High‘, beautiful song. Showcases Conor’s beautiful voice, it’s also another soothing song I think throughout most of the song and then the band come in fully and with more power and Conor belts out, ‘If I get high‘. It is a really stunning song live!


The last song before encore was ‘Wake Up Call‘, which is another of my favourites by them. That guitar and the drums at the beginning, really catchy. I love the transition between the verses and the chorus.


They came back on and performed ‘Tempt You (Evocatio)‘. It is quite a soothing song, with soft vocals. Up next was ‘Hanging‘, a very catchy song with a lot of attitude, especially the chorus. They ended with ‘Ban All the Music‘, I remember the room getting a bit crazy. The opening riff is so good and the chorus again is so catchy! The song speeds up in the middle and Conor and the rest of the band are head banging.


Overall, great night, first time at a concert where I decided to go alone and I LOVED it. Afterwards I had to leave early but saw Dom at the merch table and Conor was already downstairs with a line forming to meet him :).

I would love to see Nothing But Thieves again. They did come back to play the O2 Ritz Manchester but I had too many concerts close to that date so I gave it a miss this time. But maybe next time. ^^

Please check out a montage I made of the clips I took:



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