Basement – My new favourite band :)

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I was watching the YouTuber Infinity on Hannah who recommended the song ‘Aquasun‘. I think from the first listen, I was so intrigued by the song because I kept on replaying it. I then watched the video and fell in love. Andrew’s blank expression through the fish tank :3. At first I didn’t know the main actor in this was actually Ronan, who’s a member of the band. Felt so sorry for him :'(.

I listened to their newest album, ‘Promise Everything‘ on Spotify, decided it was awesome, so I headed to HMV to purchase it. A week after, I casually listened to the rest of their discography on Spotify and ended up purchasing ‘Colourmeinkindness‘ and ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here‘. I did have one of Basement’s songs on my Ipod before I truly became a fan of the band. And that was thanks to RockSound magazine who included the song, ‘Summers Colour‘ on one of their compilation CDs. I’m so annoyed I didn’t discover this band sooner because I missed when they performed in Manchester this February since I didn’t know of them then.

I’m going to try and review some of Basement’s material. I’m not a music expert/reviewer so I don’t know how to be technical. I just know that when I listen to Basement’s music it just feels so good.

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Nothing Like Love – Abigail Strom

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Nothing Like Love – Abigail Strom ★★★★★

Found this book on NetGalley and was drawn to the description. I loved ‘Act Like It’ by Lucy Parker so much and it seemed like this book had a similar setting – the world of theatre. Took me quite a while to read it though, and I should have got along to it sooner!!! At the moment I have been craving to read books like this so I think I rediscovered it at the right time.

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