Nothing Like Love – Abigail Strom

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Nothing Like Love – Abigail Strom ★★★★★

Found this book on NetGalley and was drawn to the description. I loved ‘Act Like It’ by Lucy Parker so much and it seemed like this book had a similar setting – the world of theatre. Took me quite a while to read it though, and I should have got along to it sooner!!! At the moment I have been craving to read books like this so I think I rediscovered it at the right time.

From the first few pages I was hooked, I thought Simone was great. I loved her character and loved how she was confident in some aspects of life but also reserved. Zach the hot British actor was a great male lead for me. He was caring, a romantic and I enjoyed how he became attracted to Simone. I enjoyed their flirtation, it was funny and I liked their shared passion of Shakespeare. The battle of Shakespearean insults was very unique and made me laugh. Some parts were quite steamy!

The setting of the book around theatre, I really enjoyed. I liked the feeling of a close knit company and the interactions between Simone and her colleagues. One of the scenes that stood out involved Simone, Zach and Simone’s elderly neighbours. Simone and Zach both displayed their caring side. This book really made me want to visit Ireland!! I also loved that Zach’s mum and Simone got on well together from the first meeting.

I found this book really romantic. (Although I would have really loved an epilogue). There was a bit of stubbornness from the characters. But overall, a very quick, (mostly) light, lovely read.


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