Basement – My new favourite band :)

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I was watching the YouTuber Infinity on Hannah who recommended the song ‘Aquasun‘. I think from the first listen, I was so intrigued by the song because I kept on replaying it. I then watched the video and fell in love. Andrew’s blank expression through the fish tank :3. At first I didn’t know the main actor in this was actually Ronan, who’s a member of the band. Felt so sorry for him :'(.

I listened to their newest album, ‘Promise Everything‘ on Spotify, decided it was awesome, so I headed to HMV to purchase it. A week after, I casually listened to the rest of their discography on Spotify and ended up purchasing ‘Colourmeinkindness‘ and ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here‘. I did have one of Basement’s songs on my Ipod before I truly became a fan of the band. And that was thanks to RockSound magazine who included the song, ‘Summers Colour‘ on one of their compilation CDs. I’m so annoyed I didn’t discover this band sooner because I missed when they performed in Manchester this February since I didn’t know of them then.

I’m going to try and review some of Basement’s material. I’m not a music expert/reviewer so I don’t know how to be technical. I just know that when I listen to Basement’s music it just feels so good.

ok, so up first is their latest album, ‘Promise Everything‘. This album is short (only 28 minutes :O) but SO sweet.

1. Brother’s Keeper – The beginning of the song starts with the light cymbals and then the guitar comes in, before all the band join in. Then the song suddenly becomes slow and it makes you feel like swaying? before slowing building up the pace again. Before looking up the lyrics I actually thought Andrew was singing, ‘I am wrong again’ instead of ‘I am Brother Cain’ haha. I really enjoy the tone of Andrew’s voice and how it can be calming and then loud.

2. Hanging Around – really nice and catchy drum beat and guitars in this one. I also enjoy the way Andrew sings this song.

3. Lose Your Grip – I love how this song starts straight away with the heavy drums and guitars. Again, being repetitive but I really enjoy the chorus and how Andrew sings it.

I know, I know, I know, I wrote this,
I will not be pushed around,
And so, and so, and so, I hope this makes you feel less overwhelmed,
Hand shakes in time, I will take what’s mine.

I like the clean, abrupt end to the song.

4. Aquasun – has quickly become one of my favourite songs. I love the minor tone of the song but it also feels optimistic. The solo guitar riff at the beginning is so recognisable. And then the drums and guitars join in and it sounds wonderful. And Andrew, his voice is beautiful, the sad lyrics. And during the chorus of ‘Dive into me, Dive into me‘ I think it’s layered with some vocals from another band member – maybe Alex? going by the video, sounds great! Then the song slows down and the plucking of the guitar really stands out. The song then picks up again with Andrew really shouting with so much feeling –

And I’ll swim half way, If you swim half way,

Words help me believe, But this is killing me. 

5. Submission – A really short song, starts loud and fast. Interesting way of singing again, with two words at a time.

6. Oversized

 One of my favourites from the album. So chilled and relaxing. Love the drum beat and the guitars. Andrew’s voice is so smooth and soft and I really like his accent in this, especially:
And can you tell my heart beats faster when you speak,
And do you know heaven comes only for a week
I love the little instrumental in the transition between the chorus and lyrics. Where I can hear the rhythmic strums of the guitar but then in the background I can hear the bass doing another pattern – it just sounds so pleasant to my ears. Also the fast, slow, fast, slow of the song is really cool.

7. Blinded Bye – This song sounds rather happy. It took me a while to get into to this song, but lately I’ve really grown to like it and have been listening to it a lot.

8. For You the Moon – The start to the song with the loud and continuous guitars is soo good followed by Andrew’s vocals. I love when he sings:

Ask me and I’ll try, to reach for further sky
All I need for flight, is feeling from inside.
I hear so much feeling.

9. Promise Everything

The title track for the album. This song is quick and fast paced throughout. There is a bit in the middle of the song where the vocals stop and it’s just bass heavy and then guitars and drums join in. I love the abrupt ending where the song ends after a shout of ‘Promise nothing!!

10. Halo – Is it Andrew singing on this? not sure but what a wonderful song. It sounds so sad to me and quite sweet at the same time.

I’m going to skip some songs on this album, ‘Colourmeinkindness’

1. Whole – I love the grungy guitars at the beginning of ‘Whole‘ and the minor tone throughout this song. I really enjoy when Andrew sings,

Lie to me, lie to me, make me see.

2. Covet

When I’m with you, I don’t want to be with you. Again the grungy sounding guitars and Andrew’s moody voice, amazing. I watched a live version of this on YouTube and loved the way Andrew handled the microphone.

3. Spoiled – one of favourite parts of this song is the way Andrew sings ‘Colour me in kindness, cover me with love’. This song alternates between slow parts and fast, loud and angry parts.

4. Bad Apple – again, this song sounds very grungy to me, very nice! I really like the lyrics to this song,

Bad apple,
Why do I want more?
Skin so sweet,

But you’re rotten to the core.

5. Breathe – I think some of the instrumental parts of this song (around 2:55) gives off some Placebo vibes? (Placebo is one of my favourite bands :))

6. Control – Interesting drums, bass and guitars in the opening of this song.

I’m least familiar with ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here‘ but I’d like to give a special mention to Yoke.

I came across the acoustic version (Nervous Energies session) of Yoke and it was beautiful. I became addicted to this version and lost count of how many times I replayed that video. Ronan and Andrew playing together with the strumming and the plucking combined with the sad lyrics and sitting on a stairwell. 😦  My sister complained that this song sounded whiny, but I don’t care ^^ Andrew’s voice is just oooft.

I really hope to see them live one day ^^.


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Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

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