Twenty One Pilots @ Manchester Academy ~ 21 February 2016

I saw the link for ‘Ride‘ by Twenty One Pilots on Facebook, I clicked on it, watched it and thought hmm..this is interesting. It was very unique, and after a few listens I was hooked. The album Blurryface was released soon after. I loved it, it was really exciting and an eclectic mix of genres.

I went to this concert with my sister and a friend, we got to the venue on time for the doors to open, I remember it being a cold and wet night. We did have a bit of a wait in the queue. Once we got in, it was packed and we had to settle with being in the middle of the venue. So being quite short, I couldn’t really see much.


Twenty One Pilots started off the show loud and bright with ‘Heavydirtysoul‘. Followed by the now famous, ‘Stressed Out‘. Josh on drums sounded great, and Tyler has such a stage presence with his red hat and jarring movements. Next was ‘Guns for Hands‘, the show had visuals going on in the background and the visuals for this song were quite striking. Again, Josh was very powerful on the drums. Then the crowd was singing along to every lyric of ‘Migraine‘.

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Funeral for a Friend @ O2 Ritz ~ 8th April 2016

At the time of the concert, I was still quite new to the band. The only album I’d heard (and loved) was Hours. Through social media, I’d read that FFAF were splitting up and had announced their final ‘Last Chance to Dance’ tour. They were playing two nights at The Ritz Manchester and they were going to play Hours in full, on one of those nights. I thought: I love the album and it’s going to be my last chance to see this band live so I bought my tickets (a year in advance).

I really like the venue, there’s quite a big balcony and I like to stand up there when I’m on my own. Great view of the stage and not blocked by tall people.

First up was a band called Zoax, not my style of music, but they were fun. I think I’d describe the main guy as charismatic. The floor was still quite empty when they came on. He spent half of his set – off the stage. He wondered round the floor screaming down random people’s ears (as part of the song). He even came up to the balcony to continue his set, whilst the tech staff were desperately trying to get the mic up there.


When FFAF came on stage, Matt started with a heartfelt, little speech. Telling everyone to enjoy themselves as it was a special night. “Manchester let’s all get through this together!”  Throughout most of the concert, the crowd on the floor were going wild, singing along, lots of jumping and a there was a permanent mosh pit at the front and centre.

Roses for the Dead‘ is a special one for me, it was the first song I heard by the band. The bit leading up to the chorus and then when the chorus hits with

It’s not your fault,

You feel okay,

It’s too late in the day” – just amazing.

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