Twenty One Pilots @ Manchester Academy ~ 21 February 2016

I saw the link for ‘Ride‘ by Twenty One Pilots on Facebook, I clicked on it, watched it and thought hmm..this is interesting. It was very unique, and after a few listens I was hooked. The album Blurryface was released soon after. I loved it, it was really exciting and an eclectic mix of genres.

I went to this concert with my sister and a friend, we got to the venue on time for the doors to open, I remember it being a cold and wet night. We did have a bit of a wait in the queue. Once we got in, it was packed and we had to settle with being in the middle of the venue. So being quite short, I couldn’t really see much.


Twenty One Pilots started off the show loud and bright with ‘Heavydirtysoul‘. Followed by the now famous, ‘Stressed Out‘. Josh on drums sounded great, and Tyler has such a stage presence with his red hat and jarring movements. Next was ‘Guns for Hands‘, the show had visuals going on in the background and the visuals for this song were quite striking. Again, Josh was very powerful on the drums. Then the crowd was singing along to every lyric of ‘Migraine‘.

There was a segment of the show where Tyler got out his banjo, they did the intro of ‘House of Gold‘ which sounded very charming. This led very nicely onto ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV‘ and I’m sure Josh got out his trumpet? This song sounds so jolly. Then they stripped it back to Josh on drums and Tyler on piano and they performed a medley of pre-Blurryface songs. During ‘Doubt‘, Tyler conducted a choir (the audience), splitting us in half and pointing to the left or right in order to create this wonderful sound haha.

Holding onto You‘ sounds so powerful live. Josh did some amazing backflip during this song and Josh was leaping off everything. For ‘Ride‘, Josh played a drum solo on a float thing, held up by members of the audience. He’s really skilled, really amazing! ‘Not Today‘ was another song that had a happy feel, it was accompanied by bright yellow lights. Followed by ‘Tear in My Heart’ featuring Tyler’s hanging microphone.


Car Radio‘ wow. For some parts, it felt like the venue was being transformed into a rave (not that I’ve ever experienced that haha). With the very bright flashing lights, people clapping and jumping. The amazing part was when I turned round and looked up and saw that Tyler had ended up on a rather tall podium near the ceiling. It was like yes, Tyler scaling the ceiling of a place I’d sat my exams in haha. From there he put on a powerful performance, wearing his balaclava and then proceeding to rip it off. He finished the song up there and then the lights went out.

Tyler returned to the stage for ‘Goner‘. The visuals were beautiful for this song, lots of fluttering dove type birds. The song has a slow build, piano and drum driven and Tyler’s solemn sounding voice, ‘Don’t let me be gone,

Don’t t let me be gone,


Twenty One Pilots ended on ‘Trees‘, which is such a beautiful song. This song also had a slow build up with Tyler’s lovely voice and the crowd singing along. ‘I want to know,

I want to see,

I want to say,


Before the drums kicked in Tyler shouted ‘you got one more in you friends?!’ The finale was stunning – the moment when Josh and Tyler played that beat in unison (on their own big drums) and the confetti came showering down. Both of them so in sync for the drumming. Such a triumphant ending!


All in all, even though the view wasn’t the best – Tyler treated us with his presence on a podium behind us. It was definitely the most acrobatic concert I’ve ever experienced with the backflips and high jumps. There was a feeling of happiness and optimism during some of the songs. Brilliant!

Check out a montage of the concert:

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Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

3 thoughts on “Twenty One Pilots @ Manchester Academy ~ 21 February 2016”

  1. hmmm, sounds like the same scenario from the concerts on which i was before in the begining of the year in Prague. I am really courius what will be happen in this week in Vienna. I decided to make myself a nice bday gift and i bought the concert ticket fot their concert in Austria 😀 totally cant wait 😀

    1. Awesome!!! What sounds like the same scenario? 🙂 Hope you have an amazing time at their concert!!!
      Btw, your blog looks great! (I spotted posts on K.flay and G-Dragon which is amazing!) can’t wait to have a read later!!

      1. Thank you girl 🙂 Your blog looks totally cool! I am pretty jealous of your concert adventures 😀 I would like to going for concerts more often too,,,,but actually I dont have many people who like to do it and plus I am not that kind of person who is enjoying concerts/or any trips alone.

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