A Place For Us To Dream – 20 Years Of Placebo’ Deluxe Box Set, Black Vinyl + Signed Edition (Unboxing)

Placebo posted about this new special edition box in the Summer, 2016. I was immediately on this! – even though I didn’t even have a record player at the time. I pre-ordered the black vinyl box set signed by Brian and Stefan. The package arrived and was just sat there for a while, unopened. I finally bought myself a record player this month (Nov) and only then did I allow myself to open up the package.

The box set is stunning and so is the music. I really like the album name, ‘A Place for Us to Dream’, feels very optimistic. The box set comes in a good quality, navy coloured box, it’s thick and feels like it is lined with some sort of fabric-like material.

In the box there’s a 24 page book with images of the band spanning their 20 year career. Brian is on the front of the booklet, whilst Stefan is on the back. I’m so lucky to get my hands on the signed version. So happy about that!! I really love the purple colours, cosmic feel and the silver sparkles.

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ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015

I think today was a big day for the Academy. There were shows going on in the main Academy, Academy 2 was ONE OK ROCK and Nothing More were in Academy 3. So when I got there it was so confusing. So many queues! They were huge, snaking around the Alan Gilbert building (one of my uni’s buildings). Had to ask random people which artist they were queuing for, haha. It took so long to get in, I’d missed the first support act, Dead! – but I wasn’t too bothered about this as I’d seen them support Young Guns in the summer. Still annoying though – I love to catch the support acts and discover new music.

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