ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015

I think today was a big day for the Academy. There were shows going on in the main Academy, Academy 2 was ONE OK ROCK and Nothing More were in Academy 3. So when I got there it was so confusing. So many queues! They were huge, snaking around the Alan Gilbert building (one of my uni’s buildings). Had to ask random people which artist they were queuing for, haha. It took so long to get in, I’d missed the first support act, Dead! – but I wasn’t too bothered about this as I’d seen them support Young Guns in the summer. Still annoying though – I love to catch the support acts and discover new music.


I finally got into Academy 2 in the middle of We Came As Romans‘ set. I’d listened to some of their recent songs so it was nice to hear them being played live. Really enjoyed, ‘Fade Away‘, ‘The World We Used to Know‘ and ‘Who Will Pray‘. Their music was loud, lots of guitar and drums. Stuff that you’d headbang to.

ONE OK ROCK came on and started with some intense instrumental, a kind of extended version of ‘3xxxv5‘. Which led on so smoothly to ‘Take Me to the Top‘. Taka (vocalist) was very energetic, the music was fast and the crowd was very lively. I really like the song ‘Memories‘, the guitars sound great and I love how the pre-chorus leads onto the anthemic chorus.


They followed with ‘Deeper Deeper‘ one of their Japanese songs. They also sang ‘Clock Strikes‘ another Japanese song and one of the first songs I’d heard by ONE OK ROCK. Taka sounds amazing in this song – the way he sings that chorus! There was a part that was very “30 Seconds to Mars”, with rolling drums and Taka just holding a note for ages and the crowd singing like a choir.


Last Dance‘ was slower than other songs but still featured the drums and guitars heavily. Another song where Taka sang his heart out. Then Toru (Guitarist) and Ryota (Bassist) did a cool solo, with Tomoya joining in with the drums – it was epic. ‘Cry Out‘ was awesome, it had a soaring chorus. The band went acoustic for ‘Heartache‘. Slowed down the atmosphere a bit, great vocals.


Suddenly‘ is a song that makes you want to jump. I think ONE OK ROCK has some great choruses – that small pause before they hit the chorus – I love it! Then they played ‘The Beginning‘, a Japanese one, also one of the first songs that introduced me to the band. I love the sound of this song, the crowd were singing along to this one. ‘Mighty Long Fall‘ was a very cool song, crowd were going crazy to the chorus of this one. Tomoya showcased his drumming skills in a solo. Then the band joined in with a reggae feel and performed ‘The Way Back‘.


This concert was lots of fun, despite the hectic experience of actually getting into the venue. First show I’d attended by a Japanese band. I’m really happy that this band is getting more recognition and even signing onto such a major label like Fueled by Ramen and touring with 5SOS!

Check out some clips of the concert:


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Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

2 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015”

  1. I’m a teacher from the Philippines and I’m a die-hard fan of this band..good to know that you’ve written such an article about them.Looking forward to another one, then another one… Thanks for this !Godbless you….

    Mabuhay from the Philippines from -Shing

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