Jimmy Eat World @ Manchester Academy ~ 10 November 2016

This was part of my crazy week of three concerts in a row. Bring Me the Horizon on the 8th Nov, Tom Odell on the 9th Nov and Jimmy Eat World on the 10th Nov. I wasn’t too familiar with Jimmy Eat World before they announced their ‘Integrity Blues UK tour‘. I really enjoyed their album, ‘Futures‘ and the songs ‘Big Casino‘ and ‘The Middle‘. Then I remember them dropping singles like ‘Sure and Certain‘, ‘Get Right‘ and ‘You With Me‘. I really enjoyed all those songs as well and I thought, Jimmy Eat World don’t tour the UK that often, so I should really get myself a ticket. And that was one of the best decisions! 😀

So I got to the venue before the support came on, I was quite surprised to get such a good spot, close to the middle and just one row of people in front of me. I remember quite enjoying the music that the support band – The Amazons, played. I should really check them out, they’ve even been featured in Kerrang’s Fresh Blood list 2017. I do however, vividly remember the lead singer – Matt’s gorgeous strawberry blonde? hair! It was beautiful XD.


I have to say I loved Jimmy Eat World’s stage set up. There were streetlights, very tall and real looking – indoors! I suppose to resemble a street? First up was ‘Get Right‘ from their newest album. A very cool song, it makes you want to strut? haha. There was a lot of energy with ‘Bleed American‘. This song really gets you going. I really like the back and forth between Tom and Jim. ‘Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt!


Then they performed ‘I Will Steal You Back‘. I loved the drum beat of this song. ‘Big Casino‘ is one of my favourite songs – it just sounds so uplifting! The same with the song ‘You Are Free‘, it’s optimistic, sweet and great drums!

Honey, you are free

As much as you can stand to be

You are free

And it’s anything you think that means

You are free

To be who you want

What you need, yeah, who you want

What you need, baby, you are free

The song, ‘Pass the Baby‘ sounded quite dark and different from Jimmy Eat World’s other songs. There was some rocking guitar and drum section towards the end. ‘Futures‘ the title track from one of the first albums I fell in love with by this band! ANOTHER uplifting song, I just love how the verse leads into one awesome chorus. ‘Polaris‘ another song from ‘Futures‘, the intro is quite a long instrumental section and Jim is rocking out on his guitar.


Tom led the vocals for the song ‘Blister‘, before Jim joined in.

And how long would it take me

To walk across the United States

All alone?

The song, ‘It Matters‘ didn’t really stand out to me that much in the concert, but when I fully immersed myself in the album, ‘Integrity Blues‘ after the show – I started to become addicted to this song. Ok, I’m going to sound so repetitive but another uplifting song – ‘You With Me‘. Just the strumming of those guitar notes and then the ‘ahhh, ahhh’ harmonisation going on, then the guitars, the drums all coming together. Then when Jim sings, ‘Am I weak if I want to fight?‘ before bursting into this joyous chorus. It does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

What makes our love so hard to be?

Is it you, or is that you with me?

For just the possibility

I’d have given anything

We play along, we sell but

Only so much we can tell ourselves

Is it you, or is it you with me?

You with me, you with me


For Me This is Heaven‘ had a really interesting drum pattern and singing style. ‘Lucky Denver Mint‘!! What a song!! Those rolling drums at the beginning. The song is SO catchy. Love the chorus

You’re not bigger than this, not better.

Why can’t you learn.

The crowd really seemed happy to hear, ‘A Praise Chorus‘. A really fast paced song.

‘I wanna fall in love tonight.

Here tonight.

I wanna always feel like part of this was mine

I wanna fall in love tonight.

23‘ is a beautiful song, with another long instrumental intro. All the band rocking out to a song with quite a melancholic feel. ‘Work‘ is another one of my favourites! It just sounds so good and it has such a memorable chorus. This was followed by one of Jimmy Eat World’s most well known songs – ‘Pain‘, they played this with so much energy.


For the encore, the band came back to one of the songs that nearly everyone seems to have heard at some point in their lifetime. So feel good and happy – ‘The Middle‘. ‘Everything will be alright!‘ The good mood continued with one of their newer songs, ‘Sure and Certain‘. That guitar at the start of the song so good. The final song was ‘Sweetness‘. So much energy again! Love the call and response type style. The lights were also well coordinated and bright! The guitars sounded awesome. What a way to end the night!

It felt like a lot of people were reliving their teenage memories. I thought Jim was great, he’s quite intense on the stage. The band had so much energy and played amazing music. I enjoyed myself so much at this concert! I bought their tour and web store exclusive turquoise edition of Integrity Blues. And that record just looks and sounds beautiful!



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