Review: Take A Look At Me Now – Miranda Dickinson

Take A Look At Me Now
Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love chick lit so much haha! It just makes me really happy. Huge fan of Miranda Dickinson’s books. The cover of this book gave the impression that it was set in winter (which it wasn’t really) haha, so I waited until the winter season to read it. This was yet another heart-warming read from Miranda. Really loved the setting of San Francisco.

1. First of all, how I wish I could bump into a random handsome stranger, somehow meet them again and eventually fall in love haha XD.
2. I really did like Nell and I got really invested in what happened to her throughout the book.

3. Nell’s friends and family just seemed like a bunch of truly lovely people! Lizzie (Nell’s cousin living in San Francisco) and Nell had such a wonderful relationship. I loved how welcoming Lizzie was towards Nell.
4. And the people that Nell meets in San Francisco are definitely characters!
5. We didn’t get to see too much of Lizzie’s friend, Eric (the circus performer), that would have been nice.
6. We had Ced and his goth coffee shop and Annie the boss of the diner, who became such a valuable mentor to Nell.
7. The Alfaro’s were a bickering but lovable couple, regular customers of Annie’s diner and who became firm friends of Nell.
8. Max – an artsy guy, who was so sweet towards Nell. He was also a bit of a mystery.
9. Vicky – Nell’s former co-worker and best friend back in London, she was funny and really supportive.

10. I loved Lizzie’s after school club, we got to meet Tyler, the handsome school principal and the kids at the club were also adorable.
11. I agree with the reviews that said the descriptions of the food makes you hungry!

12. Towards the end of the book, there were quite a few twists. I did guess one of Max’s secrets but didn’t guess his other one – it was a bit of a shock haha.
13. One part of the story that did stand out was when Nell’s 2 month stay in San Francisco was coming to an end. That sadness you experience when you realise you have to go home back to reality is so REAL!! I have felt that many times.
14. That ending was such a lovely surprise! It was subtle and just perfect really!

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