February playlist / Singles ~ 2017

I feel like I have discovered so much good music this month and also revisited some old favourites. I went to two concerts this month, ‘Taking Back Sunday‘ and ‘Pinegrove‘. I enjoyed them both so much, they’ve definitely made me excited for the concerts to come.

The Amazons

The Amazons were supporting Jimmy Eat World when I saw them back in November. I regret not paying more attention to this band. They’re getting big! I recently listened to them on Spotify and became addicted to two of their singles.

In My Mind – That guitar at the beginning is just so cool, it also makes you feel cool. And when they repeat, “Baby in my mind” – it’s so catchy. Also, I’ve gone on about it before but Matt’s hair is so nice!

Ultraviolet – This song has a really uplifting sound, and I love the way Matt sings the chorus.

Frank Iero and the Patience

World Destroyer – Frank opened up for ‘Taking Back Sunday‘ with this brilliant song. I love how loud it is, I love the sound of drums and Frank’s aggressive? vocals and how they vary throughout the song.


Discovered Pinegrove when Andrew from Basement covered their song, ‘Problems‘. Evan’s voice is really emotional and beautiful. Their music just reminds me of summer. Delightful!

Aphasia – such a pretty song!


This band have such a grungy sound, they remind me a little of ‘Basement‘. Again, it was through ‘Basement‘ that I discovered ‘Superheaven‘. Bit sad that they’ve gone on hiatus for now.

I’ve Been Bored – Love the heavy guitars on this track.

Life in a Jar – Again it’s those loud guitars, so catchy!

Leach – Another song that stood out to me from the album – ‘Ours Is Chrome‘.

Touché Amoré

I’ve not listened to much of Touché Amoré‘s discography and they’re not my usual style. But I’ve been enjoying their latest album – ‘Stage Four‘. And hearing the about the concept made me really take a closer listen to the lyrics – and wow, they are heartbreaking! Think I might be regretting missing their concert in Manchester (It was sold out though ><!)

Posing Holy – I like the drums in this song and the way Jeremy delivers the lyrics.


Another band on the Run for Cover Records roster. Their music is just so soothing and relaxing to listen to. Loved their album, ‘Peripheral Vision‘, it was very dreamy.

Bella Donna – This song just snuck into this list yesterday. Just those lyrics on that last verse…

And I hope someday we meet again
Under different circumstances maybe
Maybe just as friends
Because as lovers I shattered you
And even though you’ll never see it
Picking up the pieces cut my hands up too



Author: annagoestoconcerts

Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

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