Review: Logan *SPOILERS*

I loved 2013’s Wolverine so much. I came into this film not expecting it to be so heartbreaking though. This was a very dark Marvel film (I totally get the 15 rating haha!). After I left the film, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hugh Jackman was just amazing. Patrick Stewart was just wonderful as was Dafne Keen. I just felt so much for these characters.

Some of my thoughts:

  1. The setting for this film is so bleak, even right from the start (excluding the Deadpool trailer), Logan’s car is being broken into by some gangsters? Apologies for not being well-versed in the world of X-men. But I don’t understand where the rest of the X-men are? Why is Wolverine left to struggle on his own in this horrible world?
  2. Professor X in his water tower thing – that was so sad. And seeing Logan struggling to care for Charles was also very sad. Again, why is there no-one left on this Earth that might be able to help these people! 😦
  3. Caliban the mutant tracker that helped Logan look after Charles. It was so sad seeing him get tortured.
  4. Logan, man! I wish he wasn’t so stubborn at the beginning and listened to the nurse’s story! (which was very shocking actually).
  5. I was discussing this with my friend, we both study biology and we were saying how scientists in films are always made to be evil and to use science for not very nice means. haha. ><
  6. From Logan’s perspective, it must be the shock of a lifetime to find out your DNA had been used in a genetic experiment and now you have a daughter! I really loved the development of the father-daughter relationship throughout this movie – although it was rather slow.
  7. One of my strange phobias is getting chased or people getting chased, just thinking about it makes me a bit anxious. So of course, throughout the film I was like oh no, oh no when Logan, Charles and Laura stayed in one location too long, or when Logan left the other two – even for a short time.
  8. That scene at the Munson’s family home (the family that Logan and co help on the highway) was brutal! When Charles was in bed, talking about how he loved having dinner with the Munson’s, how he liked being part of a family – thinking he was talking to Logan. And then getting fatally stabbed by a clone of Wolverine! :O That definitely made me jump and made me cry. It was such a sad way for Charles to go.
  9. The bit where Logan was getting choked up after burying Charles, and Laura came and held his hand for a few moments. 😥
  10. When Logan and Laura finally reached Eden, it was a bit strange haha. It was run by kids (the other Transigen test subjects that escaped), with Logan being the only adult there. Logan decides to leave the children as they carried on their journey across the border….didn’t end there though.
  11. The end sequence was epic. The running through the forest. The teamwork between Logan and the children. Logan ends up being fatally injured by his clone. His last words before passing were so beautiful and heartbreaking. When Laura was crying for her daddy. Too emotional!
  12. And then in the final moments of the movie when Laura turns the cross on its side, that was so powerful.
  13. There weren’t any end credit scenes in this film, I remember it just fading to black and then the lights coming on and I was quickly wiping away the tears.
  14. just a side note I still found Hugh Jackman rather handsome, even as Old man Logan ❤ XD

Author: annagoestoconcerts

Hello, I'm Anna! ^^ I'm 23 and live in the UK. Currently a uni student studying Biomedical Sciences. Placebo, Basement, MCR.

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