Review: Interstellar *SPOILERS*

I watched this film at the cinema for the first time and I really did enjoy it then. It has such an intricate plot that I found myself not fully understanding how things occurred and even watching it again, I still wouldn’t say I fully understand it. Nevertheless, what an amazing film!! Some scenes in this film just make me tear up. The score by Hans Zimmer is absolutely stunning and is so perfect paired up with some of the scenes. This film makes me think a lot about everything.

Some thoughts:

1. One scene that stood out was on Miller’s planet (the one that’s just water) where decades had passed. When Cooper and Amelia finally got back to the Endurance, Romilly just says “It’s been 23 years”. That scary concept of relativity! How Romilly even pass 23 years all alone up in space?!

2. Doyle died a very pointless death, if he had just started running back to the ship just 1 second earlier. And if Amelia hadn’t been so desperate to retrieve the data!

3. A scene that made me tear up was when Cooper decided that he was going to pilot the Endurance – upsetting his daughter, Murphy greatly. And then when Cooper watched the videos his children had sent him over the years – the part when Murphy says how she’s now the same age as Cooper when he left for the mission, and how she would love it if he came back.

4. Tom, Cooper’s son turned out to be a stubborn nob didn’t he!?

5. Also, when I watched this movie for the first time I was so shocked at Dr Mann and his actions haha. I’d never seen Matt Damon play the villain before and I don’t even think I knew he was in this film. Thought that was a fantastic twist.

6. The part where Cooper helped Murphy solve that most essential equation and she just shouts EUREKA and gives her scientist boyfriend a nice smooch. A really joyous scene.

7. When Cooper somehow wakes up on Cooper station (named after Murphy) and gets reunited with his daughter, who is now on her deathbed. That reunion was emotional! Her father did indeed come back.

8. Those closing scenes were quite powerful, when we see Amelia on a new planet, starting to set up a new world for humans. What will happen next?

9. Had to insert one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack, it’s beautiful. That ticking at the beginning relating to the limited time they had on Miller’s planet before they really needed to be heading out of there (1 hour on Miller’s planet = 7 years Earth time)! Then that wonderful build up, where we get that sense of urgency – before that burst of sound towards to climax of the track.


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