Review: Apple Tree Yard *SPOILERS*

Apple Tree Yard
Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the drama adaptation of this book, which aired on BBC at the beginning of the year. And that series definitely made me want to pick up this book.

1. I loved the science parts of this book because I’m a biologist too. And I kind of understood some of the things mentioned.

2. There are metaphors/analogies that Louise uses and they just make me think. One example is the one on page 68, about a spider’s web. And how when the web touches an inanimate subject, it just adheres, but when the web is touched by something that attempts to escape, the web kind of reacts and tries its best to prevent escape.

3. Another thing this book made me think about was how such a small decision can have such a big impact on what happens next. When Yvonne said she didn’t want to go with Mark to confront George. If she did indeed accompany Mark, the following events may have not happened in the way that they did.

4. George Craddock – what a creep. He did such a terrible thing and then afterwards acting like it was nothing serious. The parts when he emailed and texted Yvonne, like she would ever want to work with him anymore after what he did!! And when he was staring in and smiling when Yvonne was getting her hair cut.

5. Talking about the part where Mark goes to confront Craddock, when Yvonne was instructed to just wait in the car. If I hadn’t watched the series first I would have been so worried about what was taking Mark so long and also shocked at the aftermath.

6. That story about the experiments on the chimps that Jas (the solicitor) told Yvonne, was so horrible! About a mother chimp with her baby in her arms and then scientists heating up the floor and seeing how these chimps react. Apparently, when it gets too hot, the mother will throw her baby onto the ground and stand on the baby. Horrifying!

7. One of the barristers in this book explained how his job is made difficult by women not fighting back when they are being raped. Some people in real life may have this view and that is very sad. This really riled Yvonne’s husband and the way the way he threatened the barrister was quite over the top, but his scientific explanation about a human’s response to threat was very interesting!

8. I found it a bit weird how Yvonne doesn’t even know the name of the man she was having an affair with – Mark Costley, until the trial. And it did get a bit annoying how she referred to him so many times as “you/my dear/my sweet/my love. haha.

9. I found that both in the book and the tv adaptation, that the way that lawyers speak just bugs me haha. I know that they have to speak in this way but…

10. And ok we discover that Mark is not a very good person. So by the end of it I had no idea how to feel, whether I feel sorry for him or whether I don’t like him at all.

11. I found the parts where psychology was discussed, very interesting. Did Mark have or not have a personality disorder?

12. I really like how this book flipped back and forth between different time points. And the last page where it flipped back to an intimate moment between Mark and Yvonne, that was a powerful one. Again, it makes me think about the things a person says and how it could have a massive impact on future events.

Overall, I found this a really great read. I think if I hadn’t watched the adaptation first I would have been more gripped. I enjoyed the sciency aspects of the book and also the court scenes, something I have not really read before. I’m interested in checking out more of Louise Doughty’s books in the future!

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