Review: The Fate of the Furious *Spoilers*

I think I first saw the trailer when I went to watch Logan. “Dom’s gone rogue” – and I was thinking, come on! Really?! I didn’t think Fast and Furious franchise was my thing. But to my surprise I really enjoyed this film! There were quite a lot of plot twists going on. I thought the team were awesome and really enjoyed how they worked together. I also enjoyed the addition of Jason ‘tea and crumpets’ Statham and Scott Eastwood. And Charlize as Cipher – wow she was sooo cold, in one of the scenes she was especially cruel.

 There were quite a few jokes that made me chuckle. And I agreed with everyone who said the bickering between Hobbs and Deckard was very funny. Bit of a shock when Helen Mirren made an appearance, haha. I especially loved the bit where Deckard was charged with rescuing the baby, so adorable. The things Roman came out with also made me laugh.

I found the action scenes over the top but they definitely kept me hooked. The scene where all the cars were being controlled by Cipher was a memorable one, with the cars plunging out of the multi-story car park. I was really interested in how things would tie together in the end. The end scenes were very heartwarming.

It seems like I’ve never been one to see films in order haha. For example, I watched the Dark Knight Rises first, Fast and Furious 8 first and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 first. I’m definitely interested in watching more films in the franchise in the future, maybe I’ll dip back into the previous films!


Author: annagoestoconcerts

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