Basement @ The Deaf Institute ~ 6th March 2017

Basement are one of my favourite bands and I was so excited when they randomly announced a tour one day. Two nights at the Deaf Institute!! I was so glad to get a ticket to one of the dates – they sold out quickly! On the day of the concert, there was a massive queue outside the venue. I’d never experienced this before because the venue has quite a small capacity. Doors opened quite a lot later than stated though ><. I know how rowdy Basement shows are, so I got my usual seat on the benches at the back of the music hall.

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Basement sign to Fueled By Ramen 3rd Feb 17

So I woke up to a new post by Basement on Facebook – a long message about them signing a new record deal with the massive label, Fueled by Ramen.

At first I was a bit shocked! I didn’t think they’d be a band that matched the sound of Fueled By Ramen artists. But I am really happy for them!!

Just feeling a little bit sad that they’re not going to be on Run For Cover Records anymore. When I first got into the band and then discovered their label, I also discovered a treasure trove of bands also on that label. I thought wow, Run for Cover Records has got to be my favourite label! (How many times can I say label? XD)

I’ve become such a fan of Citizen and Turnover, bit of Tigers Jaw also. I discovered Pinegrove through a cover that Andrew did of ‘Problems‘. I love the sound of the bands from Run for Cover. And now it seems like Basement is leaving that small family 😦

Those few episodes of ‘Tuesdays with Tay‘ where the Basement boys joined in were definitely one of my highlights! Those videos were hilarious (I’ll link one below)! Another annoying thing is that to my current knowledge, I don’t think Fueled By Ramen has a UK Store (which RFC did) so shipping is going to be a nightmare! That didn’t stop me from ordering the new vinyl (hopefully signed) though.

But as long as they’re happy and they keep putting out awesome music! Congratulations to them. I’m so excited to see them on tour when they come to Manchester in March. I’ll also be seeing Pinegrove this Feb at the same venue.


(Photo credit: basementuk on instagram)

Basement – My new favourite band :)

File 26-06-2016, 22 41 20.jpeg

I was watching the YouTuber Infinity on Hannah who recommended the song ‘Aquasun‘. I think from the first listen, I was so intrigued by the song because I kept on replaying it. I then watched the video and fell in love. Andrew’s blank expression through the fish tank :3. At first I didn’t know the main actor in this was actually Ronan, who’s a member of the band. Felt so sorry for him :'(.

I listened to their newest album, ‘Promise Everything‘ on Spotify, decided it was awesome, so I headed to HMV to purchase it. A week after, I casually listened to the rest of their discography on Spotify and ended up purchasing ‘Colourmeinkindness‘ and ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here‘. I did have one of Basement’s songs on my Ipod before I truly became a fan of the band. And that was thanks to RockSound magazine who included the song, ‘Summers Colour‘ on one of their compilation CDs. I’m so annoyed I didn’t discover this band sooner because I missed when they performed in Manchester this February since I didn’t know of them then.

I’m going to try and review some of Basement’s material. I’m not a music expert/reviewer so I don’t know how to be technical. I just know that when I listen to Basement’s music it just feels so good.

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