Turnover @ Sound Control ~ 27th September 2017

On the day of the concert the weather was horrible. It was raining so heavily, I decided to arrive after doors opened so I didn’t have to stand in the rain. Luckily there was only one person ahead of me in the queue when I got to the venue. I really like the merchandise stand at Sound Control because it’s in a convenient place – well,  before the show ends anyway haha. I bought a really cute baby pink Turnover t-shirt.


I made my way to the stage area and it was a bit awkward because I was alone again and there were loads of gaps between groups of people, so I didn’t know where best to stand. I got around 3 rows from the front and I was stood towards the right. It wasn’t that crowded when I got there – which was just before Emotional started playing. They had the vibe of Turnover. The band members had a very quirky dress sense. Then Palladino came on and they sounded very groovy and funky. Like Emotional, I could see why they were touring with Turnover. They got Austin from Turnover on stage to play guitar in a few of their songs, which was very cool.


Something that was quite annoying was when you get those “LADS, LADS, LADS”. I had some to the side of me. Did they have to speak so loud and have a full on conversation throughout most of the show? Plus swearing in every sentence. I also seem to get this at most GA shows, but when groups of people push in front of you and then proceed to dance whilst bumping into you every time they move. Luckily they decided to push further to the front.

Then it was time for Turnover. Wow! They play the perfect summer music. They started the set with “Supernatural” and “Nightlight Girl” which are such happy and summery songs. Sound Control is a smallish venue and if you get near the front, the view is quite good! I could see Austin’s eyes haha. He had amazingly long hair and a great beard. Turnover were very chilled on stage and they played such chill music. Except maybe the drummer (Casey) – he had to keep a very fast rhythm on certain songs. I also noticed that the band had a new guitarist (Nick Rayfield) – he looks so young haha. He had really striking tattoos.


I was so happy that they played a lot of songs from Peripheral Vision. I’m quite familiar with them now and they sounded so great live. They got the whole crowd singing along. (Some of the songs they played: Hello Euphoria, Dizzy on the Comedown, Like Slow Disappearing, New Scream, Cutting My Fingers Off and Humming). They also played Humblest Pleasures which was great! I also really enjoyed “Breeze” and “Sunshine Type” taking from their new album Good Nature.

Turnover didn’t interact much with the band except for a lot of moments where they thanked the crowd for coming out to the gig and supporting what they do. They also talked about a cafe which was named after their song – Humblest Pleasures. The band also thanked the guy controlling the really nice projections on the wall behind them, who they invited especially for their tour.

Fantastic concert, I was transported to a lovely, nostalgic, sunny day when in reality it was horrible outside haha. I really must pick up a copy of Good Nature on vinyl!


The Maine @ Club Academy ~ 16th September 2017


Photo credit: uwmpost.com

I was a casual The Maine listener before this concert. I was undecided whether to buy tickets to this concert or not. But the announcement of Night Riots as support made me go and purchase my ticket. This was my first concert since March, so I was quite excited.

The day of the concert came around, I got to The University of Manchester’s student union for around 7pm – doors. However, there was still a massive queue outside. But the queue slowly and steadily filtered through the doors after bag and security checks. I’d never attended a concert at Club Academy before, so that was a new experience. It was a small little venue in the basement of the student union. It had a nice section for the merch table and quite a few seats at the back for people to sit with their drinks. I bought a tour t-shirt and then headed towards the stage.

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Jimmy Eat World @ Manchester Academy ~ 10 November 2016

This was part of my crazy week of three concerts in a row. Bring Me the Horizon on the 8th Nov, Tom Odell on the 9th Nov and Jimmy Eat World on the 10th Nov. I wasn’t too familiar with Jimmy Eat World before they announced their ‘Integrity Blues UK tour‘. I really enjoyed their album, ‘Futures‘ and the songs ‘Big Casino‘ and ‘The Middle‘. Then I remember them dropping singles like ‘Sure and Certain‘, ‘Get Right‘ and ‘You With Me‘. I really enjoyed all those songs as well and I thought, Jimmy Eat World don’t tour the UK that often, so I should really get myself a ticket. And that was one of the best decisions! 😀

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Placebo @ Manchester Arena ~ 5 December 2016

I’d consider Placebo as one of all time favourite bands – and they have been for such a long time. This would be my third time seeing the band and also the largest venue I’d seen them play – an arena!! I decided to go for a seated ticket because I’m quite short and I wouldn’t be able to see anything if I was on the floor. Plus, the last time I was standing, the crowd was pretty rowdy – was not a good experience having drunken middle aged men bashing into me.

It was my first time alone being seated at an arena show. I have to admit it was a bit awkward because I arrived a little bit early. I had one row of people in front of me before the floor, and there was a young security guard who was facing directly towards me – his job was to check that only people with standing tickets were allowed onto the floor. I bet he was looking at me and thinking I was a bit strange. And I could all around and opposite me that the seats hadn’t quite filled up yet. However, my seat was amazing in my opinion haha. I was sat in number 1, so I had no one to my left. And I had a wonderful view of the stage.

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James Blake @ Manchester Academy ~ 3 November 2016

I’ve been a fan of James Blake for a while – ever since Overgrown came out. I don’t remember how I discovered him, maybe through the song ‘Retrograde‘? I remember going out to buy the album from HMV. After that, I went back through his discography and enjoyed it very much! Since then, I’d always wanted to see him live. I managed to tune into a few of the live streams of his concerts. I was very excited when he announced a show at Manchester Academy and immediately booked my ticket. It was a very nice surprise when one of my friends contacted me saying they were also going alone so we decided to meet up.

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ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015

I think today was a big day for the Academy. There were shows going on in the main Academy, Academy 2 was ONE OK ROCK and Nothing More were in Academy 3. So when I got there it was so confusing. So many queues! They were huge, snaking around the Alan Gilbert building (one of my uni’s buildings). Had to ask random people which artist they were queuing for, haha. It took so long to get in, I’d missed the first support act, Dead! – but I wasn’t too bothered about this as I’d seen them support Young Guns in the summer. Still annoying though – I love to catch the support acts and discover new music.

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Twenty One Pilots @ Manchester Academy ~ 21 February 2016

I saw the link for ‘Ride‘ by Twenty One Pilots on Facebook, I clicked on it, watched it and thought hmm..this is interesting. It was very unique, and after a few listens I was hooked. The album Blurryface was released soon after. I loved it, it was really exciting and an eclectic mix of genres.

I went to this concert with my sister and a friend, we got to the venue on time for the doors to open, I remember it being a cold and wet night. We did have a bit of a wait in the queue. Once we got in, it was packed and we had to settle with being in the middle of the venue. So being quite short, I couldn’t really see much.


Twenty One Pilots started off the show loud and bright with ‘Heavydirtysoul‘. Followed by the now famous, ‘Stressed Out‘. Josh on drums sounded great, and Tyler has such a stage presence with his red hat and jarring movements. Next was ‘Guns for Hands‘, the show had visuals going on in the background and the visuals for this song were quite striking. Again, Josh was very powerful on the drums. Then the crowd was singing along to every lyric of ‘Migraine‘.

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