Death Cab for Cutie @ Manchester Academy ~ 3rd November 2015


I listened to a show on BBC radio 6 where Brian Molko of Placebo (My favourite band ^^) put together a playlist of some of his favourite songs and ‘Tiny Vessels‘ by Death Cab for Cutie was one of these songs. It is such a beautiful song with a sad tone to it. ‘She was beautiful but she didn’t mean a thing to me‘. Then Death Cab announced a few shows in the UK and Manchester was one of those, I thought – they don’t come here often so I might as well go 🙂

I went to this with my good friend Atiqah. We didn’t queue up that early, but we weren’t too far from the front! (Quite surprising!) When we got in I bought a t-shirt and then we got a place in the crowd. We were quite centred and one row from the front, although this did sound good…I had a really tall guy in front of me who was basically stuck to his girlfriend engaging in PDA all through the concert -_-.


The support was a band called Chastity belt, I’d never heard of them before. At first it sounded a bit strange because the main vocalist’s voice was a bit off? But I suppose it was how intentional. I loved the way the drummer played the drums and made it look so easy, which it probably isn’t haha. I would love to try out the drums one day. For one of the songs the guitarist took over the vocals and she sounded amazing. That song ‘Lydia‘ was one of my favourites by Chastity Belt.

There was a bit of a wait and then Death Cab came on kicked off with ‘No Room in Frame‘, a very cute song. I was quite mesmerised by the way Ben moved on stage. Side to side, singing and guitar in hand. ‘Crooked Teeth‘ was one of my standouts, it’s got such a happy melody and a bounce. They sang ‘Photobooth‘ – a song that I wasn’t familiar with. It had a very funky computer-made beat.


They sang ‘Black Sun‘ one of the singles taken from Kintsugi, I love the drive of this song and the way it is sung – the little breaks that they take between singing each set of words. I love the cool vibes of this song and especially the pre-chorus,

How could, something, so fair, be so cruel, when this, black sun, revolved around you,

How could, something, so fair, be so cruel, when this, black sun, revolved around you‘.

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