Manchester 22/05/17

Image Credit: Manchester Evening News

I love Manchester and I have called it my home for 22 years – all my life.

Yesterday when the first news reports were breaking, I didn’t want to believe it. But as more information started coming in, I was in shock and truly saddened. Like many people have said, you never think it is going to happen in your city, so close to you.

I live about 15 minutes walk from Manchester Arena. When I am feeling lazy and I decide to take the bus, it passes Victoria station and the Arena so that area is so familiar to me. I have enjoyed many concerts there over the years – Placebo, Bring Me The Horizon, 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift and One Direction. Concerts are one of my favourite things ever, and it’s sad that people will feel more apprehensive about going to enjoy their favourite artists/bands.

I had BBC news on throughout the night until around 3am, it was a very scary time. I could hear the helicopters circulating overhead. There was confusion and lack of information when reports of an incident started coming in. It was so heartbreaking to find out that there were so many fatalities and injuries.

I attended the vigil held in front of Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, with my friend, Fatima. I have never experienced anything like this before – so many people packed out the square to show support. Although we couldn’t see anything, we could hear and we could feel. There was applause and thanks for the amazing emergency services. There was a moving poem by the poet Tony Walsh. There was a silence to remember those we lost. When there was applause and cheers of “Manchester!” – we could feel the love and the solidarity of the people of Manchester.

It has been a horrible two days. It really reminds you of how important your family and friends are. My thoughts are with all those who were affected. Stay strong Manchester.


Basement sign to Fueled By Ramen 3rd Feb 17

So I woke up to a new post by Basement on Facebook – a long message about them signing a new record deal with the massive label, Fueled by Ramen.

At first I was a bit shocked! I didn’t think they’d be a band that matched the sound of Fueled By Ramen artists. But I am really happy for them!!

Just feeling a little bit sad that they’re not going to be on Run For Cover Records anymore. When I first got into the band and then discovered their label, I also discovered a treasure trove of bands also on that label. I thought wow, Run for Cover Records has got to be my favourite label! (How many times can I say label? XD)

I’ve become such a fan of Citizen and Turnover, bit of Tigers Jaw also. I discovered Pinegrove through a cover that Andrew did of ‘Problems‘. I love the sound of the bands from Run for Cover. And now it seems like Basement is leaving that small family 😦

Those few episodes of ‘Tuesdays with Tay‘ where the Basement boys joined in were definitely one of my highlights! Those videos were hilarious (I’ll link one below)! Another annoying thing is that to my current knowledge, I don’t think Fueled By Ramen has a UK Store (which RFC did) so shipping is going to be a nightmare! That didn’t stop me from ordering the new vinyl (hopefully signed) though.

But as long as they’re happy and they keep putting out awesome music! Congratulations to them. I’m so excited to see them on tour when they come to Manchester in March. I’ll also be seeing Pinegrove this Feb at the same venue.


(Photo credit: basementuk on instagram)