February playlist / Singles ~ 2017

I feel like I have discovered so much good music this month and also revisited some old favourites. I went to two concerts this month, ‘Taking Back Sunday‘ and ‘Pinegrove‘. I enjoyed them both so much, they’ve definitely made me excited for the concerts to come.

The Amazons

The Amazons were supporting Jimmy Eat World when I saw them back in November. I regret not paying more attention to this band. They’re getting big! I recently listened to them on Spotify and became addicted to two of their singles.

In My Mind – That guitar at the beginning is just so cool, it also makes you feel cool. And when they repeat, “Baby in my mind” – it’s so catchy. Also, I’ve gone on about it before but Matt’s hair is so nice!

Ultraviolet – This song has a really uplifting sound, and I love the way Matt sings the chorus.

Frank Iero and the Patience

World Destroyer – Frank opened up for ‘Taking Back Sunday‘ with this brilliant song. I love how loud it is, I love the sound of drums and Frank’s aggressive? vocals and how they vary throughout the song.


Discovered Pinegrove when Andrew from Basement covered their song, ‘Problems‘. Evan’s voice is really emotional and beautiful. Their music just reminds me of summer. Delightful!

Aphasia – such a pretty song!

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A Place For Us To Dream – 20 Years Of Placebo’ Deluxe Box Set, Black Vinyl + Signed Edition (Unboxing)

Placebo posted about this new special edition box in the Summer, 2016. I was immediately on this! – even though I didn’t even have a record player at the time. I pre-ordered the black vinyl box set signed by Brian and Stefan. The package arrived and was just sat there for a while, unopened. I finally bought myself a record player this month (Nov) and only then did I allow myself to open up the package.

The box set is stunning and so is the music. I really like the album name, ‘A Place for Us to Dream’, feels very optimistic. The box set comes in a good quality, navy coloured box, it’s thick and feels like it is lined with some sort of fabric-like material.

In the box there’s a 24 page book with images of the band spanning their 20 year career. Brian is on the front of the booklet, whilst Stefan is on the back. I’m so lucky to get my hands on the signed version. So happy about that!! I really love the purple colours, cosmic feel and the silver sparkles.

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Basement – My new favourite band :)

File 26-06-2016, 22 41 20.jpeg

I was watching the YouTuber Infinity on Hannah who recommended the song ‘Aquasun‘. I think from the first listen, I was so intrigued by the song because I kept on replaying it. I then watched the video and fell in love. Andrew’s blank expression through the fish tank :3. At first I didn’t know the main actor in this was actually Ronan, who’s a member of the band. Felt so sorry for him :'(.

I listened to their newest album, ‘Promise Everything‘ on Spotify, decided it was awesome, so I headed to HMV to purchase it. A week after, I casually listened to the rest of their discography on Spotify and ended up purchasing ‘Colourmeinkindness‘ and ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here‘. I did have one of Basement’s songs on my Ipod before I truly became a fan of the band. And that was thanks to RockSound magazine who included the song, ‘Summers Colour‘ on one of their compilation CDs. I’m so annoyed I didn’t discover this band sooner because I missed when they performed in Manchester this February since I didn’t know of them then.

I’m going to try and review some of Basement’s material. I’m not a music expert/reviewer so I don’t know how to be technical. I just know that when I listen to Basement’s music it just feels so good.

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Jamie Woon @ Gorilla ~ 3rd March 2016

It was a busy day for me, I had to give a presentation about tuberculosis at 9am for one of my uni modules and then I spent the day in labs doing my final year project. I finished at 6pm and got the bus down to Gorilla.

I was maybe a bit eager haha. Doors opened at 6:30pm – I got there around 6:30pm. There was 2 girls in front of me. And a guy in front as well. I bought my ticket via DICE, so I got my e-ticket scanned via the app and  I got my hand stamped. I picked a spot quite close to the front and to the right. I waited for ages, on my own as I’d come alone. The wait felt sooo long.

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