The Bodyguard @ The Palace Theatre ~ 26th December 2015

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Theatre is not really something I had take an interest in before but since this summer after seeing ‘The Woman in Black’ in London, I decided that I did want to go an see more shows.

I’d never seen the film so I didn’t really know what to expect – but I was not disappointed! At today’s Boxing Day performance, Alexandra Burke wasn’t performing, with Zoe Birkett taking on the role of Rachel and Stuart Reid as Frank Farmer.

I thought the set design was great, the way they transitioned was so smooth. Rachel’s house looked luxurious, Frank’s cabin looked cosy. I thought some of the costumes were so pretty like Rachel’s dresses.

The special effects were also exciting, I could actually feel the warmth of the blasts of fire even from the circle! The parts where Rachel played a concert in the play made me feel like I was actually watching a concert.

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