The Girl Who Played With Fire – Steig Larsson Book Review


The Girl Who Played With Fire – Steig Larsson ★★★

A really gripping story with many revelations and a huge climax!

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Through volunteering I met this wonderful lady who supported me massively throughout my time there. I left the role last summer. After sending her Easter greetings I was informed today that she had passed away over a month ago. This was such a shock, she was a lovely woman who treated me with kindness and encouraged me greatly to achieve what I want to in my studies and in life. Every week, I looked forward to serving drinks and sandwiches and having a chat with her. I keep remembering things that she used to ask me to do, including untangling her headphones :). This news has been upsetting to me, but I hope she is well. I am so thankful for having had a chance to meet and befriend her in these past 3 years of my life.

James Blunt @ O2 Apollo Manchester ~ 18th April 2014


I became a fan of James Blunt when I first saw him on Top of the Pops singing “You’re Beautiful” (which was a long long time ago, when I was 10?). So I was really really excited to go and see him on his Moon Landing tour.

The support act was “Shake Shake Go”. I’d never heard of them before but they were rather good! Especially the drummer! The singer had one of those unique voices.

The space concept of the concert was so cool. James and his band came out in flight costumes ^^ The visuals at the back were great!

There was quite a lot of interaction between James and the audience. Didn’t know how funny he was! One highlight was James counting to 10 in cantonese haha. Quite amazing.

He sang a couple of his classics including “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye my Lover”. So wonderful to hear those sang live. 😀 And also some of my favourites including “Carry You Home” and “So Far Gone”. The songs he played on the piano were beautiful…

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella Book Review

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella ★★★


I thought this was one of those nice, fun reads. Quite enjoyed it but I prefer Sophie’s other works more.
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A really biased view on living in university accommodation.

It has really NOT been a great experience for me so far…

1. Even though we have a bin rota….hardly any flatmate sticks to it. So far we have been issued with warnings about being fined for excess rubbish unless it is cleared within 24 hours. And it is me who has had to take 5 trips back and forth to the bins.

2. Flatmate on Skype until approximately 5am. Laughing so loud and singing Beyoncé at the top of their lungs.  They do not consider how thin the walls are.

3. At first it was food being stolen, then it was pots, pans, and cutlery. Thought my beloved green bowl was safe – but oh no, it has been taken and I’ll never see again.The suspected culprit dodging the hundred flat meetings that have been called and not facing any consequences. Finally attends a meeting and accuses everyone of stealing her milk?!

4. From 5 o’clock today there has been a constant, ear piercing beeping sound coming from the boiler room. It is directly outside my room so it is extra loud. I phone the tutor, she comes over and before she gets here, it stops – so typical. Nothing to be done today, will have to wait till tomorrow. It is so loud and annoying it will actually prevent me from going to sleep. It’s kind of given me a headache.