Film review: Call Me By Your Name *Maybe spoilers?*

I saw the trailer for this film as a YouTube advert and it caught my eye. I went to watch this on my own after running some errands. The cinema screen was completely empty except for me at first, but around 5 people ended up trickling in. I didn’t really know what to expect – except that it was a coming of age romance.

The Italian summer backdrop of this movie was beautiful. Perfect blue skies and vibrant peach trees. The music had an optimistic feel, a bit mischievous, what would this summer hold for these two people? I enjoyed the classical music, mixed in with other tracks such as the songs by Sufjan Stevens. This film features some great tunes including “Love My Way” by The Psychedelic Furs. That dance scene was joyous to watch.

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Review: The Fate of the Furious *Spoilers*

I think I first saw the trailer when I went to watch Logan. “Dom’s gone rogue” – and I was thinking, come on! Really?! I didn’t think Fast and Furious franchise was my thing. But to my surprise I really enjoyed this film! There were quite a lot of plot twists going on. I thought the team were awesome and really enjoyed how they worked together. I also enjoyed the addition of Jason ‘tea and crumpets’ Statham and Scott Eastwood. And Charlize as Cipher – wow she was sooo cold, in one of the scenes she was especially cruel.

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Review: Interstellar *SPOILERS*

I watched this film at the cinema for the first time and I really did enjoy it then. It has such an intricate plot that I found myself not fully understanding how things occurred and even watching it again, I still wouldn’t say I fully understand it. Nevertheless, what an amazing film!! Some scenes in this film just make me tear up. The score by Hans Zimmer is absolutely stunning and is so perfect paired up with some of the scenes. This film makes me think a lot about everything.

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Review: Logan *SPOILERS*

I loved 2013’s Wolverine so much. I came into this film not expecting it to be so heartbreaking though. This was a very dark Marvel film (I totally get the 15 rating haha!). After I left the film, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hugh Jackman was just amazing. Patrick Stewart was just wonderful as was Dafne Keen. I just felt so much for these characters.

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