PVRIS @ Manchester Academy ~ 6th April 2016

The day didn’t get off to a good start. Couple of metres from the venue and just before doors opened there was literally a storm, strong winds and pelting down with rain. My umbrella actually broke. I went to this concert with my friend Abbey. As usual I went and checked out the merchandise and bought a signed CD and the obligatory tour t-shirt. We got a place in the centre quite close to the front. I was quite nervous because I knew this would be where the crowd surfers would come down, if there were going to be any.

IMG_9161The support act first up was a band Alvarez Kings, I did quite enjoy their music. Very energetic set and I really enjoyed the song ‘Tell-tale Heart‘ by them.

IMG_9173Next up was an artist called K.Flay. First of all I really liked her style, the t-shirt tucked into skinny jeans and the Docs. Her style of music is something I would not normally go for which is Hip-Hop/Alternative, but I was a fan! I checked out her album after the show, ‘Life as a Dog’ was great! My favourites were ‘Thicker than Dust‘, ‘Can’t Sleep‘ and ‘The Cops‘. Basically, all of her set. It was a very energetic set with lots of attitude. Loved the drums and guitar that accompanied her. And during ‘So Fast, So Maybe‘, Lynn from PVRIS came out to play the drums! Awesome!


PVRIS had a very beautiful set, very dark and gothic. And the smoke adding to the atmosphere. PVRIS played their whole album. They came on to ‘Smoke‘. The crowd were actually so crazy from the first song! Already jumping around and hands up in the air. Lynn has got a brilliant voice and Brian, Alex and the drummer played brilliant music!

I actually experienced my first mosh/circle pit during this concert! It all started during ‘St Patrick‘. It was exhilarating but felt like I was suffocating. I got separated from Abbey and so we spent the rest of the concert in different spots. Everyone was just bouncing into each other and then a circle formed and people were just running into the centre.

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